Willavan Afinyapon, captain of Thailand’s women’s national volleyball team, praised Wipai Sitong, who is active in the 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL).

The Thai women’s national team, which succeeded in a generational change, discovered another new player at this VNL. This is Wi-Fi Si-tong, who will step on the Korean stage in the coming season. Wifi wears Hyundai E&C uniforms for the 2023-2024 season through the Asia Quarter. That’s why many Korean fans focus more on his performance.

Wie Pai made the national team roster at last year’s VNL, but he didn’t play. It’s different in this VNL. He was placed on the Week 1 roster, appeared in all four games played in the first week, and posted 30 points.

In particular, in Thailand’s second match against Canada메이저놀이터, Wipai was responsible for the attack with 18 points and Chachuon Moksri (17 points) forming a pair of guns.

Regarding this, Willavan, who was active as the captain of the Thai national team, opened his mouth. On the 7th, on ‘PPTV’, a Thai media, Willavan said, “The development of Wi-Fi is a surprise to the team. He entered the 14-man roster and performed well. I deserve it,” he praised. He continued, “Even though it is his first game, he can score in every way, including serving, spikes and blocking. He seems unburdened. He usually gets nervous when he plays his first game, but he’s not. He will help the team a lot, and the more substitutes there are on the team, the faster it seems to develop.”

In the first week, Thailand met Italy, Canada, Poland, and South Korea in order and recorded 2 wins and 2 losses. Lost to Italy and Poland. In the upcoming 2nd week, Germany, USA, Serbia and Croatia will face each other in order.

Born in 1999, Thailand’s rising outside hitter Wie Pai is 174 cm tall, but he overcomes it with his jumping power and quick swing. He started his professional career in Thailand in 2013, and will join Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the Korean V-League for the upcoming season after passing through Vietnam.

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