Can Kebe Aluma bring a new wind to Hyundai Mobis?

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus’ new foreign player Kebe Aluma arrived in Korea last week. Aluma, who joined the team immediately, is currently continuing to adapt through team training and practice games.

Aluma is a trump card recruited by Hyundai Mobis for the new season. Although he is 206cm tall, he is an all-round tall forward resource who can play between forward and big man.

With his excellent basketball IQ and passing sense, he is already receiving great expectations from within Hyundai Mobis. Although he has not stayed in Korea for a long time, his personality is said to be excellent. Hyundai Mobis is already considering utilizing a variety of lineups that include Aluma.

Aluma, whom we met after training on the 12th, said, “I’m so happy. Actually, I only slept because of the jet lag. (Laughs) Other than playing basketball and sleeping, I didn’t do anything in particular. Still, I’m enjoying my life.”

He then explained his impressions of Hyundai Mobis, saying, “The training was very systematic. When I came here, I thought that our big man line was very good. The domestic players were very good to me. I have high expectations.”

Aluma is paired with Gage Prim, who was one of the league’s best foreign big men last season. We have to compete and help each other throughout the season.

At the actual training site, Prim, who had already spent one season at Hyundai Mobis, was seen helping Aluma with his training by giving him various advice.

Aluma smiled and said, “I wasn’t originally close with Prim, but I got to know her when I came to Korea. We haven’t spent much time together until now, but yesterday we went to the supermarket, did some shopping, and had dinner together.”

Born in 1998, Aluma graduated from Virginia Tech last year and played his first professional season in the Japanese B. League. After living in Japan for a short year, Aluma chose KBL’s Hyundai Mobis. Why did the still young Aluma choose Hyundai Mobis as his second professional team in his career?

Aluma said, “I wanted to experience more through basketball. Last year, I had a good opportunity in Japan, and I thought I had a good opportunity in Korea as well. To be honest, with the team I played in Japan last year, my performance was not good and I lost a lot. This year, I had a good opportunity.” “I want to win a lot at Hyundai Mobis and maintain good results,” he expressed his determination.

Hyundai Mobis manager Cho Dong-hyun is rumored to have had a video meeting with Aluma after completing the contract. At this meeting, Coach Cho expressed his wish for Aluma to show the play he played at Virginia Tech in Korea rather than in the B. League.안전놀이터

When asked about this, Aluma replied, “I plan to maintain the play I played during my college days, as the coach requested, but also mix in the play I showed in Japan. I want to show my fans a good performance.”

He continued, “I think my strength is being good at controlling the tempo. In basketball, being fast is not always the answer. When I have to control the tempo of the game, I want to do it well. I think the coach is already putting a lot of trust in me. “I am receiving a lot of orders from the coach, especially about how to connect with my teammates when I catch the ball and hit forward. I will work hard to ensure that trust is not broken,” he added.

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