We analyzed the three most prominent players in the current Rookie of the Year competition . Among Hwang Yoo-min, Kim Min-byeol, and Bang Sin-sil, who has an MBTI suitable for golf , and from long hitting ability to clutch ability, we have dug into each one.

(In order) Yumin Hwang, Bangsansil, Minbyeol Kim │ (Photo) KLPGA
The KLPGA tour, which has been hotter than ever, has turned around the halfway point and is entering the second half. In the first half of the year , there were 7 players who tasted the thrill of winning for the first time in their lives, and the fun was doubled with the addition of a super rookie storm. Currently, the players who stand out the most in the Rookie of the Year competition are Hwang Yoo-min (1708 points), Kim Min-byeol (1567 points), and Bang Sin-sil (1050 points). Last season, Lee Ye-won took the Rookie of the Year title as Yoon Ina was eliminated early due to misleading play. However, the competition is fierce this season.

The Daeyu Winia MBN Women’s Open held in July was a great battleground for super rookies. Hwang Yoo-min lifted the trophy after an extended match with Kim Min-byeol , and Bang Shin-sil also ranked 4th, raising tension. Bang Shin-sil won her first win at the E1 Charity Open, and obtained a full seed for the regular tour. After this tournament, Kim Min-byeol ranked 7th (369.09 million won) and Bang Shin-sil 8th (355.83 million won) in the KLPGA Tour prize money rankings.

All three players are from the national team. Rookie of the Year is a title that comes only once in a lifetime, so it is likely that he will be more greedy. Hwang Yoo-min and Kim Min -byeol do not have a big difference in Rookie of the Year, and there is a gap in the room. However, considering the rest of the regular tour schedule, it can be said that the room is also within range. In the second half of the year, major competitions such as the Hanwha Classic in August and the KB Financial Star Championship in SeptemberThere are only 3 of them. The competition for prize money and rookie of the year, as well as multiple wins, is expected to be more intense.

01 Long hitters threatening seniors

The three rookies are threatening seniors with long hits. As of the end of the first half of the year, Bang Shin-sil recorded an average driving distance of 267.29 yards, ranking first in this category. Hwang Yoo-min is third with 258.65 yards. Considering that the tour average is 239.22 yards, Bang Sin-sil is about 10m farther than the top players and 26m longer than the overall average . If he maintains the current driving distance in the second half of the tournament, which will be held two weeks later, he will write a new history as the all-time No. 1 driver in the distance category on the KLPGA Tour. Hwang Yoo-min, who succeeded him , deserves attention

for his long hitting power overcoming his short stature of 163cm . Even in the strong wind of Hawaii, where the main sponsor event, the LPGA Tour Lotte Championship, was held , she shows strong enough distance to keep her long hit. Kim Min-byeol, who is 5 cm taller than Hwang Yoo-min, also has a cool long hitting power. Although it will be difficult for the two to overcome the broadcast room, which travels the field at an overwhelming distance , it will be an interesting point to watch as they are long hitters who threaten their seniors . 02 Hwang Yoo-min vs. Kim Min-byeol, possessing high-level clutch skills

The clutch putt is the deciding factor in winning. Hwang Yu-min and Kim Min-byeol, who faced each other in the Daeyu Winia MBN Women’s Open championship group , heightened tension by demonstrating their clutch abilities in each 3m putt . The viewership rating for the final round on this day was 0.758%, the highest viewership rating for a single round this season, and the moment the winner was decided, the viewership rating soared to 1.075%, exciting golf fans. Director Kwon Soon-woo of Bliss Golf Academy said, “ Hwang Yoo-min is a multi-player despite his small size. He made a putt that decided the birdie in this extended match, and showed his clutch ability within 3m properly.” Kim Min-byeol also draws a near-perfect break line and, like Hwang Yoo-min, is good at clutch putts within 3m . Watching the clutch putts of the two players during the second half is also an interesting point to watch.안전놀이터

MBTI devotees claim that MBTI is helpful in identifying individual aptitudes and choosing careers. The extrovert (E) is more suitable for group sports, and the introvert (I) is more suitable for individual sports. Sensing type (S) is an event that requires detailed skills, and intuitive type (N) is an opponentIt is advantageous in stocks that require identification of weaknesses and strategic judgment . Thinking type (T) is an event in which victory is determined by objective scores , Emotional type (F) is an event in which subjective evaluation is important, such as figure skating, Judging type (J) is an event in which a winner is decided by long time or multiple games, recognition The older brother (P) is suitable for events in which a winner is won in a short time or by single round.

Taken together, the most suitable personality type for golf is ISTJ or INTJ. Golf emperor Tiger Woods is more of an ISTJ personality. Bang Sin-sil and Kim Min-byeol are INFJs and have I, N, and J suitable for the sport of golf.

Hwang Yu-min has S, which requires detailed skills, but has E, which is suitable for team events, and P, which is suitable for single round wins, making him less suitable than the two players. However, test results can change from time to time, so there is no need to blindly trust or accept them unconditionally.

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