Dolsing (returning singles) said that when they see a ‘no-holds-barred’ woman in a remarriage match, men say they are ‘reminded of why they got divorced’, while women say they see a ‘temperamental’ man.

This is the result of a survey of 538 men and women스포츠토토 (269 men and women each) who want to (dusk) remarry nationwide from March 29 to March 3, in collaboration with remarriage information company Only and marriage information company Bienarae.

According to the results of the survey, 31.2% of men and 32.0% of women chose “indecisive” as the most popular answer to the question, “What kind of personality do you see in your partner in a remarriage match that makes you think about why they got divorced?

In second place, both men and women chose “unreasonable” (26.0% of men and 25.3% of women). At the bottom of the list, men chose “negative” (19.0%) and “hot-tempered” (16.7%), while women chose “open-minded” (19.7%) and “assertive” (15.2%).

When asked, “What is the reason I haven’t succeeded in remarrying my ideal partner yet?”, men ranked “affectionate” (28.6%) and “financial strength” (26.0%), while women ranked “steadfast” (30.1%) and “good looks” (27.1%) as their top two choices.

For men, it was “appearance” (20.1%) and “solidity” (17.5%), and for women, it was “affection” (21.2%) and “financial strength” (16.4%).

When asked to name a characteristic of their second marriage that was different from their first, men and women disagreed. Men were most likely to say, “The man usually pays for the date” (29.0%), followed by “I usually win the fight” (26.4%). Women were more likely to say, “Men talk more” (28.3%). “My opponent looks too old” (24.2%) was a close second.

In third place, both men and women said, “I don’t feel like the other person is of the opposite sex” (22.3% of men and 21.5% of women). In fourth place was “the other person looks too old” for men (16.0%) and “I usually kick in a confrontation” for women (18.2%).

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