They shouted for reform, but accidents still continue. Even if all members work together for the revival of professional baseball, it will not be enough, and it will damage the dignity of the league, not only the players but also the front desk to manage and support the players, giving a great shock to baseball fans. 

On the morning of the 29th, the KIA Tigers held a disciplinary committee and decided to dismiss Jang Jeong-seok, the general manager who caused controversy for his demeaning behavior. The KIA club said, “After receiving a report last week that general manager Jang demanded money during negotiations with a player last year, we identified the facts. However, regardless of the facts, for any reason, the wrong behavior of demanding money and valuables during the negotiation process was unacceptable, so Jang was referred to the disciplinary committee and the final dismissal was taken.” 

In the last Stove League, during free agency negotiations with catcher Park Dong-won, the circumstances surrounding Jang’s request for back money were caught, and he was embroiled in controversy. The KIA club explained that the situation was caused by the joking tone of general manager Jang, who has been close to Park Dong-won since the Nexen front days, saying, “Let’s make a good contract,” but Park Dong-won did not accept it that way. According to the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association, which directly confirmed the recording, it is known that Jang made at least two demands for money from Park Dong-won.

This is an unprecedented situation caused by the self-interest of the head of the front desk. In the meantime, incidents and accidents of players playing in the league have often been seen, but it is difficult to find cases of backwardness in which the general manager, who is in charge of contracts, demands money from players. In particula메이저놀이터r, it is an event that occurs more rarely in the information age where communication has developed. This excommunication could also be revealed on the surface because there was a player’s recording. 

The KBO League, which shouted “Fan First” and “Renewal” with the appointment of President Heo Gu-yeon, is groaning over poor performance in international competitions and various incidents ahead of the opening of the 2023 season. It has been just two weeks since the disaster of being eliminated in the first round of three consecutive WBC tournaments and voices calling for an awakening in the baseball world. But the league still shows no signs of changing. 

Lotte pitcher Seo Jun-won was investigated by the police after being charged with kidnapping and luring a minor at the end of last year. Afterwards, prosecutors indicted him without detention for violating the law on the protection of children and adolescents through a supplementary investigation. Nevertheless, Seo Jun-won openly participated in the spring camp and was evaluated as a promising player to lead Lotte’s mound in the 2023 season. On the 23rd, Seo Jun-won received a notice of release from his team, Lotte, and on the 28th, according to the KBO rules, he was suspended from participation. This was also an incident that shocked fans. 

The KBO League is only three days away from the start of the 2023 season. Through the exhibition game, which was more interesting than ever, a bloody ranking battle was announced this season, and a media day is scheduled on the 30th, where coaches from 10 clubs and two representative players will attend to express their determination in front of fans. There are many things to see, such as the debut match of new coach Lee Seung-yeop, Park Jin-man, Kang In-kwon, and Yeom Gyeong-yeop on April 1, free agent transfer students wearing new uniforms, and Yu Miak-joo, who is in his first or second year to brighten the future of the league. In the meantime, bad news such as the WBC disaster, the abduction of minors by players, and the request for back money by the general manager occur one after another, literally damaging the dignity of the league. From the players to the front, the situation is truly a total mess.

Meanwhile, the KIA club said, “We bow our heads in apology to the KIA Tigers fans as well as all fans who love professional baseball for the recent behavior of damage to the dignity of general manager Jang Jeong-seok.” We also apologize to all members of the league. We apologize once again for causing concern to the fans who love professional baseball and support the KIA Tigers.” 

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