It was also not easy to fill the vacancy of Keita Noumori (21), who was the top scorer for two consecutive seasons. Last year’s men’s professional volleyball championship runner-up team, KB Insurance, replaced foreign player Nicola Melanac (23).

KB Insurance said on the 14th, “We signed a contract with a new foreign player, Andres Villena (29).” KB Insurance announced the withdrawal of Nikola, who was in deep slump ahead of the Samsung Firefight the day before, and escaped from an eight-game losing streak without Nicola.

Nicola was expected to be a card that would fill Keita’s gap at the beginning of the season. Nicola is an apositive spiker designated by KB Insurance as the third overall, and was the top scorer in the Serbian League last season.

In the first game against Korean Air (20 points, 36.59% attack success rate), the ups and downs were severe, raising concerns. There were also 7 sub rooms. However, he made a turning point by scoring 33 points against KEPCO, and scored 49 points alone in the match against OK Financial Group, achieving the first triple crown of the season (3 or more blocking, sub, and back attacks in one game), and the team won 3 consecutive wins. stood at the center of 안전놀이터

The OK Financial Group match, where the success rate reached 62.6% while being responsible for 57.7% of the team’s attacks, was enough to remind me of Keita. Until this time, it was the number one score that overwhelms other foreigners. His personality and efforts to blend into the team with his powerful spikes were also highly evaluated.

But it was there. In a team situation where the attack could only be concentrated, the performance was too jagged. It is known that it was difficult to adjust to the V-League and life as his confidence declined and he shrank psychologically. In the end, he left the V-League with a record of 4th in league scoring (270 points) and 5th in attack success rate (52.36%).Viyena, newly recruited by KB Insurance, was a player who played for Korean Air in the past and ranked first in scoring and attack success rate in the 2019-2020 season. KB Insurance, which fell to the bottom amidst Nicola’s deep sluggishness, seeks a turnaround through Viyena. An official from the club said, “It is ideal to go all the way with a foreign player selected at the beginning, but we decided to replace it for a quick rebound.” After the visa issues are resolved, I expect to play in the game as early as the end of December.”

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