“My wife threw it a few times and she did well.”

Seoul SK foreign player Jamil Warney is recognized by others as the best foreign player in KBL. A short big man at 199cm, he is a scoring machine that scores more than 20 points per game even though he does not like to use 3-pointers and mid-range jumpers. The reason for this is right in the plotter.

A floater is a shot usually taken by a shorter player to get past a taller opponent. It may not mean much in modern basketball where the position has been destroyed, but it is usually known as a skill that guards must have.

However, KBL’s best plotter craftsman is War. If you reduce the range to a domestic player, you can say Kim Seon-hyung, but if you calculate the frequency of use or accuracy, Warney is the best.

Warnie’s plotter is special. He tries anywhere, anytime, and breaks the rim. When the condition is good, even the plotters who can be confident that they will fail succeed. Again, it’s not just 2 points. If you consider the collapse and shock you give to the opponent, you get an effect of 2 or more points.

In the past, Kim Seon-hyung said about Warney’s plotter, “When talking to players in the national team, the story of Warney’s plotter comes up. He said that it was both strange and disappointing.”

If so, since when did Warnie enjoy using plotters? He said, “After graduating from college, I went pro and practiced to write against players who were bigger and stronger than me. There are many players in the G-League who have good height and physical strength. I got a feel for it while practicing against his teammates,” he explained.

Plotters are an advanced technology. Accurate distance calculation, timing, and unique sense are important. It is already an essential skill for Filipino players in the United States, Europe, and Asia, but in KBL, there are a handful of players using it. It is still an unfamiliar technology, but above all, it is not easy to master it unless you use it from a young age.

But Warney explained that the plotter is an easy skill. He said, “My wife threw it too, and she threw it well. It’s a skill that’s not as difficult as you think,” he said with a laugh. 안전놀이터

Once mastered, the floater is also one of the easiest skills to score as a basketball player. First of all, it is not easy to block the opponent. In particular, it can have a greater influence in KBL, which does not like to use plotters. In addition, Warney also has pride and fun, so there is a high possibility that he will continue his current power in the future.

Warney said, “Every player may enjoy dunking or scoring with other techniques, but I like the floater. Don’t Kim Seon-hyung and Choi Jun-yong also enjoy plotters? I think I can give joy to the fans with my own style.”