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What moment is the most memorable in this world cup full of surprises? Among the best scenes, there is also the desperate waiting of our national team.

Reporter Choi Ha-eun collected the scenes that shook the world for a month.


The World Cup in Qatar ended with 172 goals scored, the most in the tournament’s history.

As much as the beautiful goal, the moments of reversal on the ground made fans all over the world cry and laugh together.

After defeating Portugal with a dramatic goal, the 10 minutes of our national team waiting for the other game to end was also cited as a famous scene by foreign media.

Saudi Arabia, which suffered the only loss to Argentina, and Japan, which ranked first in the ‘Group of Death’, were also surprising, but the main character of the tournament was definitely Morocco.

Behind the history of Africa’s first semifinals, there was the power of family, and the victory dance with mother remained the best scene.

Warm applause also poured out to those who showed the dignity of a loser.

After being eliminated in the quarterfinals, Neymar, who was crying out loud, hugged the son of Perisic, the opposing team who comforted him, and Paris Saint-Germain colleagues Mbafe and Hakimi, who faced each other in the quarterfinals, showed friendship that goes beyond victory. 안전놀이터

At times, attention was focused on his brave gestures toward the world outside the soccer field.

The Iranian national team expressed solidarity with the anti-government protests by silence instead of singing the national anthem, and the German team protested by blocking their mouths at the International Football Federation, which banned rainbow armbands.

The moment when the first female referee was born in the history of the 1992 World Cup was also considered an indispensable moment.