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Yesterday, we told you about the foolishness at the Antelope Army festival메이저놀이터, where people were charged 140,000 won for three bags of snacks.

Finally, Nonghyupgun issued a public apology.

This is the Antelope County government bulletin board.

Within a day, there were more than 180 posts.

Many of them criticized the county for making it sound like it was only the “outside vendors” who were responsible for the incident.

There were also posts comparing the prices of traditional snacks in different markets.

At the time of the broadcast, it cost 4,500 won for 100 grams, whereas other markets charge 1,000 won.

Even the illegal stalls that operate in the valley during the summer were summoned.

The vendors, they said, were more conscientious, offering 70,000 won of chicken backsuk and plain rice.

In response to the harsh criticism, the nutrition unit apologized repeatedly, saying it was an inadequate explanation…

The vendor, who identified himself as a snack vendor, also posted an apology.

“It’s hard to make ends meet due to the coronavirus, so the price of sweets has been increased,” he said.

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