Octagon’s ‘TMT’ (Two Much Talker) Kevin Holland
“It’s not a game strategy, it’s just my personality”
Retirement announcement is a joke… It’s nice to be able to fight
“I’ll win with Ponzinibio KO” Notice of strike

match UFC middleweight fighter Kevin Holland (31, USA), who participated in five matches in 2020 and had a ‘perfect’ 2020, winning all. In March 2021, he drives the momentum and faces middleweight ranker Derek Brunson (39, USA). Brunson has been a middleweight ranker for a long time based on his excellent wrestling skills. At the time, Brunson was the ‘top contenter’ (the highest ranker who can challenge for the title match), a so-called ‘gatekeeper’. Some of the fighters who beat Brunson went on to fight title fights and become champions. A representative figure is Israel Adesanya (34, New Zealand), who until recently reigned as the middleweight champion. On the other hand, those who lost to Brunson suffered a downward trend.

It was a game that was most important to Holland, a rookie who is coming up. Unfortunately, Holland was defeated by unanimous decision in the fifth round of the match. This is because he struggled with Brunson’s wrestling throughout the match and had to ‘clean the floor’. UFC fans remember the result of the match today, but Holland’s ‘mouth’ more. Holland, who usually talks a lot during matches, spoke constantly even when he was losing.

Ponzinibio, who he faces this Saturday, is a strong fighter in the welterweight tradition. Heavy hitting is a strong point. From 2015 to 2018, he won seven straight victories in the most competitive UFC welterweight division. He was in a good mood, but his illness ruined his career. In December 2019, a match against former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler (41, USA) was promoted, but the match was canceled due to a staph infection. Afterwards, Ponzinibbio, who had a difficult time due to complications from the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), returned to the Octagon only in January 2021. In his most recent fight, he defeated Alex Morono (33, USA) by KO.

Holland said he was happy to fight Ponzinibbio when the offer came in. He said, “I was just happy to think that I could fight again when the offer came in,” he said. “I am excited to be able to fight again.”

The game plan remains unchanged. Knock them out harder than their opponents and knock them out. “It is no different from any other game. Just hit them harder than they hit me, and knock them to the floor. I’ll pass out, and I’ll go home. That’s it.”

Holland said, “It will be a very fun game,” and said, “I will go in first and press.”

This is Holland’s second welterweight fight in the UFC. This time, a welterweight offer came and he accepted it, but he said he wanted to fight at middleweight next time. He said, “I want to go back to middleweight,” and “Isn’t there a fighter who likes to lose weight?” However, Holland said, “I will fight the UFC’s proposal,” and said, “I’m just an office worker belonging to the UFC.”

Holland became a hot topic after announcing his retirement on social media after losing to Hamza Tchimaev (29, Sweden) in September of last year. This is because he announced his retirement at a young age and in the prime of his career. “The announcement of my retirement was a joke,” Holland said. It is expected that we will be able to see Holland play for a while.

Among them, the highlight is what Holland said to former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (35, Russia메이저놀이터), who was out at the arena during break time. Nurmagomedov had just announced his retirement after winning a lightweight defense against Justin Gaitch (USA, 35) the previous year. Based on overwhelming wrestling, Nurmagomedov recorded 29 wins and 0 losses in 29 mixed martial arts matches. Due to the nature of mixed martial arts with many variables, it is virtually impossible to retire undefeated in the world’s top-level UFC, but this is a player who has made it difficult.

“Give me some wrestling advice. I’ll use it in the game now. You know what I mean?” Hearing Holland’s words, Nurmagomedov simply laughed.

As the fight progressed, Holland succeeded in taking down Brunson in the 2nd minute of the 5th round. The UFC commentators were amazed, saying, “He has never done a takedown in the UFC, but he did it after he said he would do it.” As if listening to the UFC commentators, Holland rejoiced at his takedown success, saying “I said it, I said it” with Brunson underneath.

In mixed martial arts, which requires great physical strength, it is rare for fighters to speak during the match. There is no player who talks nonstop like Holland. is a unique character. Holland explained in a video interview with Segye Ilbo on the 5th, “It’s just because my personality is like that.” Holland faces Santiago Ponzinibio (37, Argentina) at UFC 287 held in Miami, USA on the 8th (local time). The bout is contested at welterweight, not middleweight.

In the most recent match (last December), Holland suffered a TKO defeat by Doctor Stop in the 4th round from Stephen Thompson (40, USA), a welterweight ranker and ‘hitting guru’. He suffered a fracture in his right hand at the beginning of the match, and tried to fight despite it, but was unable to continue the match to the end. When asked, “How is your hand?”, Holland said, “I’ve recovered enough to fight.”

Holland has a knack for Jiu-Jitsu. He won with various techniques, including rear naked choke, darth choke, and bravo choke. In his last match, there was also an opportunity to use jiu-jitsu. He took top position in the second round, with Thompson on the bottom. It was a golden chance for Holland, who was facing Thompson, who had a good hitting but was weak on the ground. However, Holland raised Thompson to his feet. He was determined to see the match in a batting match instead of on the ground.

Would you regret that decision then? Holland said adamantly, “I have no regrets.” Holland said, “Didn’t I promise to fight before the game?” and “I just kept that word.”

Holland has a lot to talk about in real life as well. He does not hesitate to act as a hero by helping the injured and catching robbers. Holland, who chased down and caught a car robber in 2021, helped people around him several times last year as well.

In March of last year, a robber was caught shooting a gun into the air at a restaurant in Houston, USA. Holland said he jumped in and subdued the shooter while he was looking elsewhere. After taking the gun from the shooter, Holland moved on.

Two months later, in May of last year, he even rescued a driver who had a car accident. Holland, who was driving at the time, saw the truck overturn, stopped the car and ran to the truck. Holland jumped onto the truck, opened the door, and took out the driver. Holland said in an interview with ‘MMA Fighting’, “I pulled the driver out of the truck and I was scared at the time,” and said, “It was because liquid was leaking from the car.” Holland recalled in an interview that day, “It was a very dangerous moment.”

Holland said there was no particular reason for this behavior. He just had a situation where he needed to help someone, and he did what he had to do. Holland said, “I didn’t choose it, but it just happened,” and said, “So I did what I had to do.”

Finally, he asked Holland if he had anything he wanted to say to the fans.

“Keep fighting and challenging yourself. fight every day Don’t stop.”

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