Our profession cannot decide whether to call it on-site massage, chair massage or sit-down massage. However, Seated Massage has made a very influential statement on the massage industry over the past 20 years. 온라인바카라

It is one of the fastest growing fields within the scope of practice. There are several reasons for this growth. It makes it easier for people to do business with us. Seated massage allows first-time clients to experience our work with their clothes on and without the application of oil or lotion. The cost of massage is cheap and the effect is good.

How to successfully use a massage chair as a work delivery system?

First, you need a good foundation. Most massage schools (note that I said most, not all) do not teach a proper course on this material. Too many students are winging it or improving the system. When embarking on a journey to success, using someone who has already traveled will shorten the time to get there. Take a class from someone who is in the seated massage business and is knowledgeable about the job.

Second, be flexible. Coming out of the treatment room adds a lot of variability to your activities. Knowing that they will come and prepare, rather than being confused by mutations.

Third, present your work professionally. When you leave the treatment room, you are in the public eye. This is a good thing, but it comes with additional responsibilities. Act, look, and act like an expert in your personal attitudes, areas of work, and behavior.

Fourth, know that the act of doing a sit-down massage is just one of the reasons we are there. We are there to attract new customers, so be sure to bring business cards and brochures and/or informational materials to hand out. We are here to disseminate information about massage and bring appropriate resources.

And last but not least, be a smile, friendliness and a good listener.

Raymond Blaylock has been teaching massage therapy since 1976. He has spent the past 21 years developing massage chair usage applications for stress relief, clinical and rehabilitation applications, and beauty salon and spa applications for Corporation for nearly 10 years. He produced the best-selling Seated Massage Technique Video in 1994 and the Seated Stone Experience in 2004. His event massage service business, Rejuvenation Destination, has hosted conventions, trade shows and wellness programs across North America and Europe for the past 20 years  educational programs in more than 60 schools in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. He is one of the former Founding Co-Executive Directors of the National Sports Massage Team and former National Public Relations Director of the .

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