Two years ago, left-handed pitcher Ham Deok-ju of the LG Twins and Doosan Bears infielder Yang Seok-hwan were the main characters. 안전놀이터

With the 2021 season just around the corner, one-roof rivals LG and Doosan conducted a two-to-two trade. LG, which needed a starting agent, and Doosan, who needed a first base gun to fill the vacancy of Oh Jae-il, who moved to a free agency, shook hands.

At this time, Ham Deok-joo and Chae Ji-seon, who were at Doosan, went to LG, and Yang Seok-hwan and Nam-ho moved to Doosan. It was a 2-2 trade, but the main event was Ham Deok-joo and Yang Seok-hwan. Since then, the two have had no choice but to be compared.

In 2021, it was a complete victory for Doosan. Yang Seok-hwan hit a home run like a fish in water. He started as the starting first baseman and had a batting average of 2.7 and 3, with 133 hits, 28 home runs, and 96 runs batted in. Hits, home runs, and RBIs were all career highs. On the other hand, Ham Deok-joo suffered from an elbow injury and was unable to leave a noteworthy record with an average ERA of 4.29 with 1 win, 2 losses and 1 hold in 16 games.

Yang Seok-hwan had the upper hand last year as well. Yang Seok-hwan played only 107 games due to an injury and his batting average was only .244, but he recorded 20 homers and 51 RBIs, playing an active role as a pair with Kim Jae-hwan (23). On the other hand, Ham Deok-joo showed a good appearance as a bullpen pitcher in the early stages, but went down to the second team for a starter transition in May, but could not come up again due to injury. The average ERA of 2.13 was the end without a win or loss in 13 games.

Coincidentally, Ham Deok-joo and Yang Seok-hwan qualify for free agency if they fill the number of registration days this season. Ham Deok-joo was a reserve free agent last year, but could not fill the registration days due to injury, so the two challenged free agency at the same time.

In the free agency market that will open after this season, the top-class free agency of 10 billion won is not visible. Yang Seok-hwan, a giant player, is expected to emerge as the biggest hitter. Ham Deok-joo can also expect a big hit in FA if he shows his old appearance this season.

How is the free agent performance of trade rivals? Clearly, getting both good contracts is a win-win.

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