An emergency was caught in Tottenham, Son Heung-min’s team.

This is because Ivan Perisic and Ben Davies, who have been alternating in the left wingback position lately, are groaning with injuries side by side. In particular, it was argued that it was unclear whether Perisic, who was known to be injured during the A match, would return.

On the 31st, according to the British influential newspaper ‘Evening Standard’, it was revealed that Perisic had been training individually at the indoor gym in Tottenham’s clubhouse on the 30th, the day before.

The newspaper introduced메이저놀이터, “I came back with an obvious calf injury,” and “I trained at an indoor gym, so (4th) my appearance against Everton is uncertain.”

Tottenham used a 3-4-3 formation under former manager Antonio Conte, and used Perisic as a left wingback right behind left wing Son Heung-min. He is often criticized for not getting along with Son Heung-min, but since he has a good attacking instinct, his vacancy can be a significant blow in the acting coach system of Christian Stellini.

Davis, who was used when Perisic was not in good shape, is taking a break at all. Davis has been ruled out for four to six weeks with a hamstring injury. The Evening Standard said, “It’s hard to come back in April and it’s likely to come back in the last few games of the season.”

According to the newspaper’s claim, Acting Stellini, who took over the baton after the resignation of former manager Conte, will have significantly reduced resources to use as a left wingback or fullback in an away game against Everton to be held at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England at 4:45 am on the 4th of next month.

There is Ryan Sessegnon, whose breathing was good when he stood back and forth with Son Heung-min, but he has never played in an official game since he played for about 15 minutes as a substitute in the second half against Manchester City on February 5th.

There is also a plan to risk defense and use Arnaut Danjuma, which was leased in the winter transfer market, but it is also not good for the game.

As Perisic’s physical condition was revealed to be bad, Tottenham’s chances of creaking from the first game under Stellini’s agency increased.

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