Winning is important, but so is the growth of the players.”

Korean Air, led by coach Tommy Tillikainen, will play against KEPCO in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League men’s division at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium on the 15th.

Korean Air is leading the league with 31 points (10 wins, 2 losses). The difference between Hyundai Capital (30 points, 10 wins, 4 losses) and the second place is only 1 point, but they have played two less games now.

The opponent was KEPCO, which was the opponent of the recent head-to-head confrontation. At that time, Im Dong-hyuk, Kwak Seung-seok, and Jung Ji-seok played an important role in winning a 3-0 victory. After taking a sweet six-day break, Korean Air is challenging its second five-game winning streak of the season.

Before the game, head coach Tillikainen said, “The six days off was a good time for us. The season is long, and I ran hard in the beginning. Six days is enough time to recharge, and what we need is time to train.”

I looked back on rounds 1 and 2, where I recorded 10 wins and 2 losses. Director Tillikainen said, “The positive part is that the side out worked well. The serve is getting stronger as you go. We are still thinking about the next step.” 안전놀이터

“If you win the game, of course, it’s good,” he said. But I’m not inclined to win. While analyzing the next game, I think about how I can improve and grow. focus on that part. There is always a part to check after the game. We always see if it’s as good as we want it to be or not. Now we are getting closer to the record we want to achieve.”

Korean Air has a solid lineup. Setter, outside hitter, middle blocker, as well as the positive spiker position, no matter who is put in, there is no shaking. Even if foreign player Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) is sluggish, the resource of Lim Dong-hyuk, who enters and plays the best, makes other teams tremble.

Director Tillikainen also said, “Not only Lim Dong-hyuk, but also Lincoln has grown a lot. Trust was built up as we helped each other a lot when we were having a hard time.

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