Korea Gas Corporation officials expected approximately 1,800 to 1,900 people. The actual number of spectators is likely to be less than this, but it confirmed the hearts of Daegu fans who want to watch basketball even in the off season.

On the 15th, Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu won a pleasant 82-66 victory against the national men’s basketball team at the Daegu Gymnasium in a practice game. It was a game that gave KOGAS, which is evaluated as a weak player, confident.

What was as surprising as the match result was the fans who filled the Daegu Gymnasium.

Fans who waited to enter the stadium 2 hours before the start of the game already filled the Daegu Gymnasium an hour before, more than in the regular league.

Kim Jong-gyu said, “It is the first time (in the national team) to have played a practice game with such a large number of spectators. It’s almost like a regular league (laughs). Isn’t that the audience?” “It seems to be fine. If there is a chance, I think it’s good because fans can watch the national team’s practice game.”

Kang Hyuk, Acting Supervisor of Gas Corporation, also said, “I was surprised by the number of fans when I entered the stadium.”

A KOGAS official said ahead of the match, “I looked for the national team to have played in Daegu, but it doesn’t seem to have. It’s a practice game, but it seems like a lot of fans came because it’s an opportunity to watch the national team game in Daegu.”

KOGAS also deployed security personnel for safety.

I thought that many fans had gathered to see the national team in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, but when the game started, the support from the fans was bigger for Gas Corporation. Applause and cheers broke out when KOGAS scored, and regretful exclamation came out when KOGAS failed to score. It was obviously a bigger reaction than the national team.

On this day, the first floor spectators were not open. The second floor was almost full with spectators, and there were about 100 fans on the third floor.

An official from Gas Corporation said after the game that the approximate number of spectators was 1,800 to 1,900.

During the game, there were about 80 people in an area behind the gas construction bench. The second floor of Daegu Gymnasium consists of 17 zones. In each zone, the number of seats is approximately more than the area looked at, and some places are less. Considering this, the number of spectators on the second floor is about 1,300 to 1,400, and if the spectators on the third floor are added, it is estimated to be about 1,500, which is less than the number of spectators counted by KOGAS.메이저놀이터

The average number of spectators for KOGAS last season was 1,493. 1,168 people entered on weekdays and 1,854 people on weekends and holidays. Average attendance on Saturdays during the weekend is 1,600. It is certain that there were much more spectators than on weekdays, and even on the weekend, the same number of spectators as on Saturday watched the practice game.

Gas Corporation, which has never held a practice match at the Daegu Gymnasium in the offseason, is scheduling a practice match starting this season. First of all, I tried to invite the university to Daegu and have a practice match. In fact, a practice game against Sangmyung University is scheduled for the 18th. During September, we are promoting another practice game with another university.

In the process, the practice game with the national team was first caught. Due to the holiday, the Daegu Gymnasium was crowded with fans comparable to those of the regular league.

Although there is a limit to setting a record for more spectators than other clubs due to the small number of effective seats (3,432 seats) at the Daegu Gymnasium, KOGAS is working hard to prepare for the season with the hope that it can attract more spectators than last season. got it

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