“There is no tomorrow.”

Lotte Giants acting coach Lee Jong-woon (57) did not talk about the distant future. He didn’t even try to diagnose the root cause of the team’s sluggishness. He emphasized the immediate need to escape the losing streak.

Acting manager Lee, who we met at the Daejeon Baseball Stadium on the 29th, said, “It is meaningless that I served as the Lotte command tower as a rookie manager a long time ago. It is my duty to break the losing streak and create a reversal atmosphere.” He emphasized, “We have no choice but to do our best in each game. Fortunately, there is hope for our team.”

He took the baton at the worst possible time.

The team that was running at the top until the middle of the first half suddenly crashed. It was unexpected, but it came down to 7th place and was pushed out of the mid-level competition. They have lost their last 7 games in a row. Under pressure, manager Larry Sutton resigned voluntarily, citing ill health. Head coach Lee Jong-woon suddenly took over as acting coach.

Acting manager Lee said, “I was embarrassed (to be the acting manager). Now I think it’s something someone has to do. Still, I have the idea that our team can do well.”

As of the 29th, Lotte is recording 50 wins and 58 losses in 108 games, and a winning rate of 4.6%. They are 5 games behind the KIA Tigers in 5th place and 2.5 games behind the Samsung Lions in 8th place.먹튀검증

There are 36 games left. Acting coach Lee said, “They say there is not much time, but there is enough time to rebound.” He had faith in his players.

Acting coach Lee said, “I met with Sutton and apologized for not being able to serve him well. As a head coach, he is responsible for not being able to assist. He had nothing to say except that he was sorry.” He continued, “He told the players to show their best until the end.”

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