In the meantime, there have been several strong candidates for the K-League 1 top scorer every year. However, experts point out that this year, there are many variables, so it is difficult to guarantee. However, the prevailing opinion is that it is highly likely to come from two ‘Hyundai’, Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai, which form the ‘two rivers’.

Former Olympic soccer team coach Kim Hak-beom said, “I think they will come from Ulsan and Jeonbuk. The stronger the team, the more they can dominate the game and the higher the chances of scoring.” He said, “I think Joo Min-gyu and Martin Adam will compete in Ulsan, and Cho Kyu-sung and Gustavo in Jeonbuk will compete.”먹튀검증

Ju Min-gyu and Jo Kyu-seong competed fiercely for the top scorer last season. The competition between the two sparked a spark until the last game of the season, with 17 goals, but according to the rule ‘If the number of points is the same, the player with the fewest games wins the top scorer’, Kyu-seong Cho, who had fewer games, won the top scorer. . Joo Min-gyu, who moved to Ulsan from Jeju this season, will challenge the top scorer again after 2021 by working with better players such as Um Won-sang and Lee Chung-yong. Cho Kyu-seong, who is dreaming of moving to Europe while raising his stock price at the World Cup, is also well motivated and is expected to perform better than last year.

Adam and Gustavo, the main foreign players of both teams, are strikers who have already been verified in the K-League 1. As much as his ability is outstanding, he can create enough variables in this season’s top scorer race.

Sports trend commentator Kim Dae-gil also said that Ulsan and Jeonbuk are likely to become top scorers. However, among them, it was an atmosphere that put a little more weight on Jumin-gyu. Commissioner Kim said, “I think it can be seen as a confrontation between Adam and Gustavo, Joo Min-gyu and Cho Kyu-seong. However, as Cho Kyu-sung has the will to go abroad, there is a high possibility that Joo Min-gyu can handle full-time work. He explained that he has a strong will to shake off the regretful appearance in Ulsan in the past.”

On the other hand, Coupang Play commentator Han Jun-hee said that this year’s top scorer race was a series of chaos, and he did not know who it would be. This is because there are various variables such as overseas expansion and internal competition. One member said, “It is really unpredictable. Hwang Ui-jo and Cho Kyu-seong, who have issues with overseas advancement, have a large variable that they may not remain in the K-League 1 until the end of the season, and Ulsan or Jeonbuk players score divided, so we don’t know what will happen.” We have to see if it shows up,” he said.

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