The owner, who claimed to be the ‘King of Communication’, continues to remain silent, and the club enforced a controversial greeting. As a result, fans of the winning team even predicted a truck protest that year.

The SSG club announced on the 14th, “As former general manager Ryu Seon-gyu expressed his intention to resign on the 12th, we appointed Sung-yong Kim, head of the Futures R&D center, as the new general manager through an internal promotion.”

Kim Seong-yong, who led the baseball team at Yatap High School for 24 years, took office as the head of SSG’s Futures R&D center in November last year. SSG explained the reason for the appointment, “In order to become a team that can maintain championship power every year in the future, we decided that new manager Kim, who has a high understanding of team building and can systematically apply it to the field, is the right person.”토토사이트

However, the eyes of the fans looking at this greeting are not good. It is because of the rumors surrounding Kim. After Kim took over as center manager, the story of “If SSG doesn’t win, the leadership changes” began to circulate in the baseball world, and this plagued SSG throughout the season. After renewing the contract with manager Kim Won-hyeong during the Korean Series, and after winning the championship, there was no movement for more than a month, but the rumors eventually became reality with general manager Ryu’s voluntary resignation.

Moreover, suspicions of the so-called ‘non-profit’ were raised that an outsider with a close relationship with owner Jeong Yong-jin intervened in the club’s business. In addition, the controversy grew as the new director Kim became known as a close acquaintance of this person.

In response, fans searched for Jung’s SNS and demanded an explanation. Owner Jung was active in communication, sharing even the club’s small schedule with fans. But this time, I kept my mouth shut. On the 13th, he left a short phrase, “A difficult day,” but when SNS became a place of criticism, owner Jung deleted the post and closed all comment windows to block communication at the source.

In the end, some SSG fans announced that they would promote a truck protest at the Shinsegae department store headquarters in Seoul for three days from the 15th. The ironic response of the owner seems to have fueled the controversy.

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