The nurses who protested the enactment of the Nursing Act stranded due to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s exercise of the right to request reconsideration (veto) condemned the party government, saying that they “spread fake news about the bill . ” The Korean Nursing Association (KANHA) and others emphasized that they would definitely judge them in the general election next year, and that they would continue public activities to inform the legitimacy of the bill .

On the afternoon of the 19th, GANHYUP held a ‘National Condemn Rally to Deny Nursing Act Veto and Eradicate Corruption Politics’ in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. It is the first large-scale rally aimed at President Yoon, who previously decided to request reconsideration by citing “conflicts between health care positions” at the cabinet meeting on the 16th, and the power of the people and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, who proposed it.

In this event, not only incumbent nurses who took annual leave from all over the country, but also college students in the nursing department gathered. Even in the hot weather, Sejong-daero, from the Donghwa Duty Free Shop to City Hall, was packed to the brim. Initially, the Ganhyeop reported the number of people at the rally as 30,000, but it was estimated that about 100,000 people gathered.

They held a picket with the words ‘Nursing Act’ written on a mint color background and chanted slogans such as “Apologize the Ministry of Health and Welfare for falsely agitating the Nursing Act”, “Judgment in the general election with the power of the people before and after”, and “Establish a Nursing Act supported by the people”. .

On the 19th, Korean Nursing Association President Kim Yeong-kyung reads a speech at the ‘National Criticism Rally to Deny the Nursing Act Veto and Eradicate Political Corruption’. Reporter Lee Eun-ji

Kim Yeong-gyeong, head of the Liver Association, standing on the podium, said in a speech, “The power of the people and the Ministry of Health and Welfare suggested the president the right to veto based on the false claims of organizations opposed to the Nursing Act.” It happened,” he said.

Chairman Kim saw that the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the responsible ministry, was also great. He pointed out, “The government and the party accepted only the one-sided claims of opposition groups against the Nursing Act, spread false information, instigated conflicts in the medical world, and increased public confusion. ” . At the same time, he criticized,

“The mediation plan of the people’s power, which belatedly mediated, was at the level of compromising the Nursing Act, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare neglected and encouraged conflict with distorted claims rather than objective mediation .”

Regarding the ruling party, which said that the claim that the Nursing Act was a presidential election pledge was fake news, “We promised to enact the law through a policy agreement with the National Association of Nursing, and two members of the National Assembly proposed a representative initiative, and 46 members participated.” The evidence and records that members of the people’s power, such as the General Assembly, promised the bill are overflowing,” he refuted.

Ganhyeop expressed resentment, saying that the government and the party had “made fun of 50 million people and exercised unreasonable public power on 620,000 caregivers” with “clear fabrication of facts.” continued “

A code of conduct for ‘620,000 caregivers’ was also presented. △Participating in the upcoming general election vote and judging corrupt politicians who overlaid the “evil law frame” on the Nursing Act △ Participating in the “one- person-one-party” campaign △Supporting politicians who promote correct nursing policies and actively participating in legal political support.

At the rally on the 19th, delegations including Kim Yeong-gyeong, president of the Liver Association, are putting on a performance by attaching a sign saying “false incitement” to a picket with “People’s Power” and “Ministry of Health and Welfare” written on it. Reporter Lee Eun-ji

Solidarity remarks were also made by nurses working in the community, not in medical institutions.

Kang Ryu-gyo, president of the Health Teachers Association, said, “The president’s right to veto seemed to pierce the hearts of our health teachers as well.” “I was told to place a nurse in the hospital. However, under the current medical law, there is no nursing or treatment that can be given to these students.” “The medical practice of health teachers with nurse qualifications is very limited, and it is illegal to do to students with severe health disabilities .

” The pain of all the parents who have it is great.” President Kang said that the enactment of the Nursing Act is the way to secure the students’ right to study and health at the same time, saying, “I earnestly appeal to the members of the People’s Power. revealed Lieutenant Colonel Kim Young-hee, who served as a nursing officer for 21 years, said, ” The government has known about illegal medical instructions that have been customarily passed on to nurses due to a lack of doctors, but tolerated them. ” However, does the government, which is an ‘illegal medical aid’, have the right to talk about the people’s right to health?” also “‘

“Only patients in the hospital are patients, and those who cannot come to the hospital (on their own) but need constant care and help are neither patients nor the people,” he asked back .

Lieutenant Colonel Kim said, “Nursing law is not a competition between doctors and nurses. It is for blind spots that cannot be covered by the current medical system and for those in the community.” If you can’t provide it, you shouldn’t oppose it,” he raised his voice.

In addition to nursing duties, the Ganhyeop also encouraged the ‘law-abiding struggle’ of PA Physician Assistant nurses who were in charge of prescriptions , surgery, and blood collection . On the 17th, the association entered into the first group action and announced that it would reject all illegal medical practices. An illegal medical treatment reporting center is also in operation, where nurses, patients, and guardians can report cases with a

QR code. According to Ganhyup, it was found that the server was paralyzed in about an hour and a half due to a rush of reports right after the center began operating the day before.

On the 19th, nurses filling the Gwanghwamun area in Seoul are shouting slogans saying that they will judge the party and the government for spreading ‘false facts’ in the general election next year. Provided by the Korean Nursing Association

The Korea Residents’ Association, a group of young residents, issued a statement saying, “We welcome the law-abiding struggle of the KNHC” and expressed their support메이저놀이터. Daejeonhyup said , “I don’t think it’s a normal medical environment for a nurse to borrow a doctor’s ID ( ID ) and perform surrogate prescriptions and surgeries .”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Welfare held the 7th emergency situation inspection meeting and started on-site inspection in preparation for any medical vacuum.

Minister Cho Kyu-hong said, “Nurses should not interfere with patient care due to large-scale collective actions,” and asked “nurses to stay by their side and prevent a gap in treatment.” He also added, “Medical institutions should do their best to inject necessary personnel and manage the situation closely.”

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