In the 41-year history of the KBO, the Samsung Lions are the only team that has never finished in last place.

But now, at the midway point of the season, they’re in last place, 10th out of 10 teams.

The team has won eight championships, the second most in the KBO, and many are wondering if the phrase “the mighty Samsung” is becoming a thing of the past.토토사이트

Seok Won is a reporter.

For the past three weeks, the Samsung Lions have only won on Sundays.

They went 1-5 in two consecutive weeks and 1-4 in the last week of June when a Thursday game was canceled due to rain, giving them a winning percentage of less than 2 percent in their last 14 games.

The extreme pitching imbalance, the bullpen struggles, and even the starters who had been hanging in there are starting to wear down.

What’s even more depressing is that there doesn’t seem to be a breakthrough on the horizon.

◀Hong Seung-kyu, baseball commentator, Daegu MBC▶
“The lack of players in the middle layer, the waist layer, the whole thing is that once this step is twisted, it is now changing into a pattern of continuous loss, and this should be a pattern of winning, but now it is a pattern of losing, so it has fallen to the bottom.”

Samsung, which sits in 10th place with a 28-45 record and a 0.384 winning percentage, is the only team in the league to break the 40-loss mark and the only team not to reach the 30-win mark.

They’re also 4.5 games back of ninth-place Kia, making it difficult to catch up.

The heat is here in earnest, but with memories of past heat-tolerant dynasties gone, some fans are even discussing plans to boycott the games.

With July in full swing, interest and concern are mingling to see if Samsung can turn things around in the promised land of Pohang, where their record is nearly 7 percent.

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