The main character is veteran golfer Alex Cheka (Germany, photo). He received a notice of disqualification from the Rules Committee after completing the third round of the Region Tradition, a major tournament of the PGA Champions (Senior) Tour held at Greystone Golf Club in Birmingham, Alabama, in May of last year. It was because he used a yardage book that was not approved by the Rules Committee. 메이저사이트

It is a violation of the 2022 Revised Rules of Golf Model Local Rule G-11. A player may only use a yardage book approved by the Committee during a round. Hall locations are also included. Handwritten notes, which can be helpful when reading the putting line, are also prohibited. The Cheka is famous for its bad relationship with the Yardage Book. He was also disqualified from the 2019 PGA Tour Honda Classic for using too large a yardage book.

Cheka competed as a defending champion in the Region Tradition and was tied for 14th with a 7 under par 209 until the third round, but ended the tournament early due to a rule violation.

Cheka is a veteran who turned pro in 1989. He has 17 career victories on the professional stage, including one on the PGA Tour and four on the DP World Tour (formerly the European Tour). Since 2021 he has been playing on the Champions Tour. In the first year of his debut, he showed his potential by winning two major tournaments, including the Region Tradition and Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship.

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