After Lee Ki-young (32) was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first trial for murdering her live-in girlfriend and a taxi driver, the daughter of the deceased taxi driver spoke out.

On the 20th, an online community posted a post titled, ‘I am the daughter of a taxi driver who was a victim of the Lee Ki-young murder case’. “I didn’t think a non-death sentence would be handed down to a murderer who killed two people,” she wrote, “and my family is not only sad, but also angry.” The poster began by talking about the first-degree life sentence handed down the day before.

Mr. A said that the family had been extremely restrained in their contact with the media for fear of who might be involved in the investigation or trial, but as the situation unfolded, they felt that staying quiet was not the answer and wanted to publicize the case.

KakaoTalk messages that Lee Ki-young exchanged with the wife of the deceased taxi driver [Image source=Online community capture].

Mr. A detailed the situation from December 25, last year, when he reported his father missing. “My mother, who felt strange about Lee Ki-young pretending to be my father and avoiding phone calls, felt uneasy and asked me to go to the police station,” he said. “Lee Ki-young lied to my family that he had been in a car accident and was cleaning up the mess, so I never thought it was not my father,” he said. “However, when I arrived at the police station and inquired about the accident, I was told that there was no accident report at all, and that’s when I first realized that something had gone terribly wrong and my hands and feet were shaking and my heart was pounding,” he added.

“Eventually, I reported him missing with a location request and just waited and hoped that he would come back safely, but at noon, the police called my phone to tell me that he had passed away.” “I still can’t describe the shock of that day. Christmas is now just a horrible memory for my family.”

Lee’s bank transfer. She wrote “For my father” in the memo line. [Image source: Online community capture].

Mr. A also attached captured KakaoTalk messages between Mr. Lee and Mr. A’s mother pretending to be Mr. Lee’s father, and a photo of Mr. Lee downloading the TOS application on the taxi driver’s phone and transferring the balance of the taxi driver’s account to his own account after he killed the taxi driver. “He is a typical psychopath who kills other people’s fathers and makes fun of people by transferring money with a note saying ‘father’s prize’,” Mr. A wrote. “I was so shocked and speechless when I saw these things.”

Mr. A also revealed that he had submitted a petition to the court after the verdict. “At the first trial, the court heard the defendant’s admission of his guilt and the fact that he was a public servant as reasons for leniency. We, the bereaved family, have consistently made clear our rejection of the common and settlement. We do not understand how a payment that the victim did not receive is a favorable factor in the defendant’s sentence. We understand that the money will be returned to the victims because they rejected the settlement, so we don’t know who this formalized restitution system is for.” “We were told that the defendant did not submit a single reflection for about five months after his detention. It is questionable whether such a defendant really has any room for reflection.”

Mr. A also said that a public petition is underway to revive the death penalty and suggest alternative legislation. “I sincerely hope that the legal system will be improved this time so that murderers like Lee Ki-young can no longer appear in society,” he said, asking for support when the petition becomes public.

On the afternoon of August 3 last year, Lee Ki-young allegedly murdered her live-in sister and landlord, A, 50, at her residence in Paju City by hitting her in the head with a blunt object to steal her cell phone and credit card, and dumped her body in the Gongneungcheon area of Paju City the next day. In addition, on December 20 last year, he is suspected of luring a taxi driver, Mr. B (59)메이저사이트, to his residence and killing him by hitting him twice in the forehead with a blunt object in order to cover up a drunk driving accident and abandoning his body in a closet.

On Dec. 19, the Uijeongbu District Court’s Goyangji-won Criminal Division 1 (Chief Judge Choi Jong-won) sentenced Lee to life imprisonment and ordered him to wear a location-tracking electronic device (electronic anklet) for 30 years on charges of robbery murder and retaliatory murder under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Certain Crimes.

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