It has been confirmed that a middle school girl who was assaulted by her parents and older brother at the entrance of an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul, stated to the authorities at the beginning of the incident, “I do not want punishment or separation from my family.” The police and the district office figured out the circumstances of the physical abuse, but according to her junior high school student’s will, she did not take measures to separate at the beginning of the incident. During the subsequent investigation, the police confirmed the assault scene recorded on the surrounding CCTV and took emergency action.

According to Kukmin Ilbo’s coverage, on the 15th, the day of the incident, Miss A stated to the Gangnam Police Station and Gangnam-gu Office that she had no intention of punishing or separating the violent family. A police official said, “When we were dispatched immediately after the incident, the student was of an age where he could fully express his intentions and had no trauma. In addition, there was no verifiable statement about Ms. A’s brother’s assault,” he explained. “Based on the content, it was determined that separation measures were not necessary.

The police and Gangnam-gu Office jointly interviewed the abusive family on the same day and forcibly removed the father of A, who started the first assault. He said that he could not evict his mother because he was concerned that only minors would be left in the family. An official from the Gangnam-gu Office said, “It was judged that there was physical abuse, but the separation measure was important to Ms. A’s intention.” .

On the 19th, the Gangnam Police Station applied to the prosecution for temporary measures under the Punishment of Child Abuse Act and the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Domestic Violence Crimes to prevent parents and older brothers of middle school girls from approaching or contacting the victim, and the court accepted it. A’s father was given the most severe measure, No. 7. As a measure to detain the perpetrator in a detention center or detention center for up to two months, A’s father was detained at the Eastern Detention Center in Seoul. His mother received counseling and separation measures (Nos. 1 to 3 and 5), and his brother received separation measures (Nos. 1 to 3), respectively.

Miss A could only be handed over to a specialized child protection facility three days after she was assaulted. This is because the CCTV footage confirmed by the police showed that on the morning of the 15th, Ms. A’s family chased and assaulted Ms. A, who was running away barefoot. It is reported that these families made a statement to the effect that “Miss A refused to go to the hospital and beat her.”

Experts raised the possibility that child abuse had previously occurred in the family. Jo Su-yeon, CEO of the Hosidam Psychological Counseling Center, explained, “The fact that there was no intention of punishment and separation even though it was clear that they had been subjected to violence and abuse shows ‘learned helplessness’.” did메이저놀이터.

If Miss A, who is currently staying at a child protection agency, expresses her desire to return home, there is no way to stop it. Another expert said, “When the temporary protection period ends, the victim may not express his intention to separate because he is afraid that he will be abused again when he returns home.”

The police will analyze the in-depth statement of Miss A, which was conducted at the Sunflower Center on the 19th, and will confirm whether there was continuous physical and emotional abuse.

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