The entry (14 players) of the Korean women’s volleyball team, which will be in the second week of the 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL), has been released.

According to the Korea Volleyball Association, setter Kim 메이저놀이터Da-in (Hyundai E&C) and libero Shin Yeon-kyung (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea) are excluded, and setter Kim Ji-won (GS Caltex) and outside hitter (left) Kim Da-eun (Heungkuk Life Insurance), who were missing in the first week, are included in the entry. done. Kim Da-in is receiving treatment for abs and Shin Yeon-kyung for back pain. Korea, which collapsed with four consecutive losses in the first week, will start with Brazil on the 15th, then Japan (16th), Croatia (17th), and Germany (19th) in turn.

What stands out in the 2nd week entry is that there is only one libero, Moon Jeong-won (Korea Expressway Corporation), as Shin Yeon-kyung was removed. It is not easy to handle the role of a defense professional who has to receive the opponent’s serve and attack throughout the game. Besides, Moon Jeong-won is not a professional libero. In his team, he plays as an Apogee Spiker (Light). In the 2022-2023 season championship match against Heungkuk Life Insurance, he played as a right-wing striker and played a big role, contributing greatly to the miraculous victory.

Of course, Moon Jung-won is a striker but also has excellent defense skills. The 2nd place (56.94%) in receiving efficiency in the 2022-2023 season speaks for itself. Teammate and veteran libero Lim Myung-ok (59.85%) is in first place. Moon Jeong-won is called a defensive striker in his team, but national coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez selected him as a libero amidst the evaluation that he is of a high quality when it comes to receiving.

I was able to gain strength thanks to the expectations and support of the people around me, but it is inevitable to be burdened by a defense specialist that I have never played before. In particular, the libero is not familiar with the exclusive rules for the libero, such as not being able to block or attack, and being able to under-toss in the front line.

Moon Jeong-won played three games in the first week of VNL and received good reviews. It is regrettable that the team lost four games in a row, but he did his best in the role given to him. However, as Shin Yeon-kyung was unable to play due to an injury, his shoulders became heavier from the 2nd week. Attention is focusing on how well Moon Jeong-won can hold out in the defensive bastion of the libero.

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