Spencer Strider (25, Atlanta Braves), who hasn’t lost a single strikeout amidst a streaky ERA, ended the first half of the season on pace for 300 strikeouts.

Through Tuesday, Strider had pitched 104 2/3 innings in 18 games on the season, posting an 11-2 record and a 3.44 ERA. He struck out 166 batters.스포츠토토

That’s first in the majors in strikeouts. He is currently on pace for 302 strikeouts. His 14.3 strikeouts per nine innings also leads the league.

Strider’s ERA has been all over the place this first half. After posting a 1.80 ERA in April, he struggled in May and June with ERAs of 4.01 and 5.46.

However, Strider stabilized at 1.38 in his first two starts of the month. His season ERA, which was as high as 4.12 at one point, is down to 3.44.

Throughout this stretch, Strider hasn’t fallen off the top of the leaderboard in strikeouts. He is just six strikeouts shy of striking out at least six batters in a game.

Now, Strider is expected to start the first game of the second half on April 15 against the Chicago White Sox. Strider is currently Atlanta’s ace.

Strider’s greatest strength is his four-seam fastball that reaches up to 100 mph. His weakness is his lack of variety. Strider is effectively a two-pitch pitcher.

Spencer Strider. Photo by Getty Images

To get more strikeouts, he needs to increase the percentage of his changeup against left-handed hitters. To do that, he needs to refine his changeup.

It will be interesting to see if Strider, who set the all-time strikeout record as a rookie last year, can continue to be consistent in his second half and reach 300 strikeouts.

The last players to reach 300 strikeouts in the major leagues were Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander in 2019, when Cole won the title with 326 strikeouts.

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