Seong-taek Moon and Young-ran Yoo, who published a book titled ‘Silver Town All Guide, the Best Residence in the 100-Year-Old Era’ As he became famous, he said he regretted that there was a misunderstanding that Silver Town was exclusively for the rich. Moon Seong-taek and Yoo Young-ran, who run ‘Gongpa TV’ , a YouTube channel specializing in aging housing토토사이트, recommended 5 representative silver towns with high cost-effectiveness.

– There are opinions that Silver Town is too expensive.

“It’s a little different when you look at fat. There is also a silver town where you can live for as little as 1 million won per person. It provides three meals a day (90 meals a month), housing, and various programs. If you live alone, eating and relationships are not easy. When we go out to eat, we often see each other and naturally become friends.”

-What kind of place is it?

“There is a place called Ilbung Silver Land in Uiryeong, Gyeongsangnam-do. It is a rural silver town, established in 1996. It was established in a temple called Ilbungsa and converted into a social welfare corporation in 2002. Ilbungsa Temple next to Silver Town is famous nationwide as a cave temple, and the surrounding scenery is so cool. There is no deposit here. If you pay 24 million won for 2 years of living expenses, you can stay for 2 years. Housing and meals are all covered at 1 million won per person.”

There is also a senior employment link program.
-Isn’t the program poor?

“This place is in the countryside, but you can meet various lectures at the Ilbung Seniors College, which the foundation opened in 2015. You can use the cultural activities of the nearby Uiryeong Art Village. There are also people who are earning living expenses in addition to the basic pension through the elderly job program. “

-Isn’t Uiryeong too far away?

“Those who live abroad and return to spend their old age in their homeland don’t care much. It is known and actually moved in.”

Religion-related silver towns have high satisfaction with religious life
-Is the silver town run by a religious organization highly satisfactory?

“The House of Our Lady of Wolmyeong in Gimcheon is also very attractive. Per person, the deposit is 60 million won and the monthly living expenses including food are about 900,000 won. You can move in without a deposit. For every 20 million won deposit, you need to pay an additional 50,000 won per month for living expenses. It is run by the Catholic Foundation, and priests hold Mass every day. The residents are cultivating a vegetable garden, which is quite large. In a way, you can spend your old age living like a community of faith. 90% of the residents are Catholics. “

-Is there another silver town run by Catholics?

“Mirinae Silver Town in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do is also famous. It is a silver town close to the sacred place of Mirinae. It is a secluded power source, but the advantage is that it is located in the metropolitan area. Provides health care services in connection with Daegeon Hyodo Hospital. In the case of a 21-pyeong apartment based on a single-person household, the deposit is 100 million won and the cost of living for 90 meals is 1.27 million won. For a 42-pyeong apartment for married couples, the cost of living is 2.53 million won based on a deposit of 200 million won and 180 meals. It is good for religious life, such as mass being held every day in the cathedral on the first floor. There are faith-related programs such as spring and fall pilgrimages to holy places. “

-I heard that there is also a silver town run by Protestants.

“’Princess Senate’ is a typical example. For a single-person household, the deposit is 80 million won (15 pyeong) and the cost of living is 1.04 million won for 90 meals. For a married couple, the cost of living is 1.99 million won based on 180 meals for 130 million won (23 pyeong). It is a suburban silver town in Gongju City. The Korea Presbyterian Welfare Foundation was established in 1996 for retired pastors. There is also a nursing home and day care center next to Silver Town. About 80% of them are Protestants, but ordinary people also move in. There is a worship room, and early morning prayer meetings, Sunday services, Wednesday services, and Friday prayer meetings are held. The promenade is excellent, and there is also a small botanical garden called ‘Sharon’s Flower Shop’. “

Silver Town, a retirement village with hot springs, golf courses, and hospitals
-I heard that there is also a silver town created in a retirement village.

“Seoul Neers Gochang Tower in Gochang is located in Well Park City. It is a retirement village created by Gochang-si with the goal of a healthy and prosperous old age and a leisurely and comfortable life for retirees. It is a residential/recreation/tourism complex with hotels , spas , resorts, hot spring resort hospitals, senior welfare housing complexes, golf courses, cultural and sports centers, and shopping complexes.

Gochang Tower is a resort-type silver town operated by Seoul Neers, which operates six silver towns. There are 6 types of houses in the form of apartments. A single-person household (20 pyeong) costs 1.05 million won with a deposit of 170 million won and 90 meals, and a married couple household (27 pyeong) costs 230 million won and 1.76 million won with 180 meals. Making your own meals lowers your cost of living. The biggest advantage is that there are many convenient facilities such as hospitals, hot springs, and golf courses nearby. You can use KTX from Jeongeup, 30 minutes away .”

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