Lee Ye-won (20, KB Financial Group), who took the 2nd win this season and took the lead in the prize money rankings, this time goes over to the top of the target points.

Lee Ye-won lifted her championship trophy after an extended battle at the 2023 KLPGA Tour’Doosan Construction We’ve Championship’ held at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do last week.

Lee Ye-won, who came out on top at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, which was her opening match in Korea, added one win in the second half and was named the winner all season.

Lee Ye-won won the prize money of 216 million won, recording a cumulative total of 725.92 million won for the season, and succeeded in catching Park Ji-young (678.71 million won), who was the leader in this category.

Here is not the end. According to the results of the ‘High1 Resort Women’s Open 2023’ held this week, Lee Ye-won can take the lead in the target point category.메이저놀이터

Her current leader is Park Ji-Young with 370 points. However, Lee Ye-won added 70 points to her win last week, and with 344 points, she is pressing Park Ji-young by 26 points. Especially in this event, since Park Ji-young is absent, her ranking replacement could be made if Lee Ye-won reaches her second consecutive win.

Lee Ye-won is also carefully looking at the reversal. Ahead of this tournament, he said, “I will concentrate until the last minute and finish this tournament with good results, just as I have done so far to win the grand prize, which is the biggest goal of the year.”

The condition is also top notch. Lee Ye-won said, “It wasn’t long after the second half started, so there was no physical difficulty, but the feeling of the shot got better after winning the championship.” revealed

Since it has just been around the turning point, competition for prize money as well as grand prize points is very fierce.

In the case of target points, a total of 7 players, including Park Ji-young and Lee Ye-won, Lim Jin-hee (328 points), Park Hyun-kyung (323 points), Hong Jung-min (318 points), Kim Min-byeol (306 points), and Park Min-ji (300 points), exceeded 300 points, It is still in the fog, and the ranking may change depending on whether it enters the TOP 10 every week.

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