There is a possibility that Neymar, one of the tridents of Paris Saint-Germain, will transfer.먹튀검증

According to the French media <Le Parisien>, Chelsea owner Todd Boheli recently moved to Paris, France and started ‘neymar negotiations’. Chelsea are investing huge amounts of money in the last two transfer windows to improve their squad, and they seem to be trying to focus on Neymar.

When Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, he set a record for the highest transfer fee in football history. This record, set six years ago in 2017, is still unbreakable. At the time, the amount generated by Neymar’s move was 222 million euros. Over 300 billion won in Hanwha. Neymar is the only player in the history of transfer fees to exceed 200 million euros (approximately 274.7 billion won).

Neymar has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain until the summer of 2025. In other words, in order for Chelsea to attract Neymar, it means that the transfer fee is inevitable. Paris Saint-Germain may be able to sell Neymar, but since there is an amount invested, it is likely to show a move to recover as much as possible from the transfer fee.

Meanwhile, according to Le Parisien, one of the Paris Saint-Germain club’s executives recently criticized Neymar’s performance for being unreliable. Hearing this, Neymar couldn’t be alone. He did not avoid the controversy, and the conversation seems to have reached an overheated aspect. The possibility that internal strife will be a factor that moves Neymar’s heart cannot be ruled out.

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