Defending champion SSG is in crisis. They fought for the lead with the LG Twins until mid-season, but as of the 11th, their ranking is 5th (62 wins, 2 draws, 54 losses). Since August, the winning percentage has fallen sharply, reaching only 0.387. They are 2 games behind 2nd place KT Wiz, who will advance directly to the playoffs. However, they are only 3 games behind the 6th place Doosan Bears, so fall baseball cannot be guaranteed.스포츠토토

Still, SSG has Seo Jin-yong. Since the opening, he has made as many as 33 saves. Even if runners were let out, they always blocked them and controlled the back door. He even got the nickname ‘Mr. Zero’. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung also said, “I am very grateful to Jinyong.”

On the 27th of last month, Seo Jin-yong’s record was finally broken. In the game against Doosan on the 27th of last month, they came out in the 9th inning with a 5-4 lead and allowed the score to be tied. First blown save of the season. Fortunately, a reversal was not allowed, and SSG won 8-5 and became the winning pitcher. However, in the game against KIA on the 3rd, they were unable to maintain the 3-point gap and even recorded their first loss of the season.

SSG closing pitcher Seo Jin-yong. Photo SSG Landers

But Seo Jin-yong did not collapse. On the 9th, against Suwon KT, he took the mound from the 11th inning of the extra innings against Suwon KT, tied 8-8, and allowed no runs in 2 innings. Although he did not win or save, he managed a draw and prevented the gap with KT from widening. The next day, he came out in the 9th inning and maintained a 6-5, one-point lead, contributing to escaping their 3rd consecutive loss. It was the best firefighter performance of the season.

Seo Jin-yong, a second-year dedicated finisher, knows the fate of a firefighter. He said, “No matter how well you throw, you can’t not make a blown save. To be honest, I don’t think much of it. It’s hard to lose a game, but it’s not a big blow. It took longer than I thought, so I just think good things like, ‘I lasted a long time. I did a good job.’ “he said.

Unlike starting pitchers, bullpen pitchers do not know when to throw. But the ending is different. He usually goes out in situations where the team is winning, so his timing is usually set. Seo Jin-yong created his own routine to maintain stable performance.

Seo Jin-yong said, “If it’s 6:30 p.m. on weekdays, I always eat at 4 p.m. and take vitamins. If I don’t have a team meeting, I go to the sleeping room around 4:30 p.m. and rest. I watch the game about three times and then get a massage. “Rather than doing special exercises, I move my body a lot and play catch to loosen up my muscles.”

The real action begins in the 6th episode. He waits for instructions from the bench while tubing and stretching. When the pitching coach signs off, he pitches in the bullpen. Seo Jin-yong said, “It depends on the situation, but these days, I go to the bullpen mound around the start of the 8th inning.

The last step is to arm yourself mentally. This is an essential process to avoid being shaken in an urgent situation. Seo Jin-yong, who says, “I feel good when the fans shout my name or cheer,” ignites his fighting spirit the moment he stands on the mound. He said, “No matter how strong a hitter he is, he always throws with the thought of getting a strikeout.”

Seo Jin-yong’s main weapon is a forkball. Thanks to his long fingers, he can throw the ball well. He catches the count with a fast ball in the late 140 km/h range, but then induces a missed swing with a falling forkball. It is a weapon that the opponent clearly knows but cannot help but be defeated by. In a situation where there are runners on base, it could easily end up being a wild pitch, but he pushes through with faith in his ball.

SSG closing pitcher Seo Jin-yong. Photo SSG Landers
The schedule after work varies depending on the results of the game. Seo Jin-yong said, “On days when I throw well, I watch the video of the game. On bad days, I don’t watch it. I only check it when I want to find the problem as to why it was really bad. I don’t want to leave a negative image.”

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