Samsung Electronics was voted by college students as the number one company they want to work for this year. Since 2014, it has recaptured the leading position in 10 years메이저사이트.

On the 14th, HR tech company Incruit surveyed 872 university students across the country for ‘2023 college students’ most desirable companies to work for’ and released the results. The companies surveyed are the top 130 companies by market capitalization in the domestic stock market (KOSPI and KOSDAQ).

The first place was Samsung Electronics with 8.1%. Samsung Electronics, which has been in the top spot for five consecutive years since 2009, has been maintaining the top 10 since 2014, before recapturing the top spot in 10 years. Respondents cited ‘satisfactory salary and compensation system’ (56.3%) as the reason for choosing Samsung Electronics the most. Samsung Electronics raised the starting salary for college graduates to 53 million won last year. From this month, a 4-day work week was introduced once a month. In the survey by major field, it ranked first in ‘engineering and electronics’ (14.1%), proving that it is a company preferred by undergraduate students. By gender, it was analyzed that male respondents preferred the most (11.3%).

The second place was Kakao with 7.5%. Kakao took the top spot for three consecutive years, but fell one notch this year. Respondents who chose Kakao cited ‘excellent welfare benefits’ (27.7%) the most. Kakao designates the last Friday of every month as a recovery day to take a break, and supports various activities such as hobbies and studies. Recently, it opened ‘Byul Eden’, the industry’s largest workplace daycare center. In the survey by major field, Kakao ranked first (7.0%) in ‘Nature, Medicine, and Life Science’. By gender, it is known to be the most preferred company by female respondents (8.7%).

Naver, which ranked second last year, fell one notch this year to third place with 6.8%. Respondents cited ‘satisfactory salary and compensation system’ (33.9%) as the most common reason for choosing Naver. In the survey by major field, ‘Humanities, Social Sciences, and Commerce’ ranked first (9.1%). It was analyzed as the most preferred company by liberal arts students.

Hyundai Motor Company (5.6%), which ranked 8th last year, rose to 4th this year. The highest percentage (38.8%) cited ‘satisfactory salary and compensation system’. Amorepacific took 5th place with 3.3% and CJ ENM took 6th place with 2.9%. SK Hynix (2.8%) fell three steps from 4th last year to 7th this year. Korean Air (2.4%) ranked ninth, two steps down. CJ CheilJedang (2.2%), which ranked 6th last year, rose to 10th this year.

The new company that entered the top 10 this year is Samsung C&T (2.5%). In 2018, it had never entered the top 10 overall, except for the first place in the general trading company category in ‘Preferred Companies by College Students by Industry’, but this year it ranked 8th. In addition to Samsung Electronics and Samsung C&T, some affiliates of the Samsung Group were also included in the top ranks in this year’s survey. Hotel Shilla (2.1%) and Samsung Biologics (1.8%) ranked 11th and 12th respectively.

Incruit said, “Samsung Group is the only major Korean conglomerate to maintain a large-scale regular public loan,” adding, “As it announced plans to hire 16,000 people in the first half of this year, it seems that the expectations of new job seekers are reflected in the ranking.” .

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