Sacramento had a great game against Golden State.

The Sacramento Kings have failed to make the playoffs in the past 16 years. But this season was different. It took off with new manager Mike Brown. In the regular season, with a hot firepower, they recorded 48 wins and 34 losses, ranking third in the West.

Sacramento’s opponent, who advanced to the playoffs, was the ‘defending champion’ Golden State Warriors. The start was very good. In the first game, ace De’Aaron Pax (190cm, G) scored 38 points and took over the match. In addition, the performance of Malik Monk (191cm, G) was added. It was Sacramento that succeeded in overpowering the baseline. After that, they caught up to the 2nd game and took 2 wins comfortably at home.

The problem was the Golden State expedition. Golden State is a strong enough team to go 33-8 at home this season. And Sacramento balanced the series by recording two straight losses in the tough Golden State trip. And lost until the 5th game, putting it on the verge of elimination. Even Game 6 was the home of Golden State. That’s why many people predicted Sacramento’s elimination.

But Sacramento defied these predictions. Monk and Pax, who played an active role in Game 1, exploded in Game 6 as well. That’s how토토사이트 they beat Golden State on the road and returned home again.

Game 7 was predicted to be a close match. But Sacramento lost by 20 points. Even until the first half, Sacramento took the lead, but in the second half, they could not control Stephen Curry (188cm, G) and gave up 30 points. Sacramento’s ‘Spring Basketball’ came to an end with a loss in Game 7.

The result was disappointing, but the process was great. The series between Sacramento and Golden State drew a lot of attention. Also, it is Sacramento that showed off a performance that was not greatly pushed against the ‘defending champion’ Golden State.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr, who was the enemy of these performances, also recognized Sacramento. In an interview with Yahoo Sports after Game 7, Kerr said, “Sacramento was a really strong team. It sounds like you’ve had a great series. We had so much fun,” he said. “We played a great 7 games. I am grateful to be able to play a good game with a good team,” he said, looking back at the first round of the playoffs.

“Also, there are a lot of young players on the Sacramento team. This is why Sacramento’s next season is more anticipated. They will be stronger,” he acknowledged the opposing team.

Sacramento’s season is over. However, as Kerr said, there are many young players in Sacramento. This means that there are many opportunities to improve further next season. Can Sacramento, who had a successful season, come back stronger next season?

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