Shortly after announcing tougher sanctions against Russia at the G7 summit, the US announced a new blacklist of more than 400 Russians and began to impose additional sanctions.

Not to be outdone, Russia also imposed retaliatory sanctions, barring former President Obama and famous American TV show hosts from entering Russia.

This is Reporter Lee Da-hae.

When Russia forcibly annexed Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula in 2014, former US President Obama strongly warned him to step down.

[Barack Obama / Former President of the United States 메이저놀이터(October 2015)]
“We cannot stand by while (Ukraine’s) sovereignty and territories are violated (by Russia).”

Later, when he met with Russian President Putin, the scene was captured exchanging cool glances and fighting.

In his autobiography published in 2020, he criticized President Putin as “like a gangster boss in Chicago or New York.”

Russia has put former President Barack Obama on the list of sanctions.

[Putin / Russian President]
“The most powerful anti-Russian propaganda has been unfolded.”

Local time Yesterday, 500 Americans were barred from entering Russia, including an anchor covering the border with Ukraine.

[Erin Burnett/ CNNAnchor]
“Russia has announced that it will impose sanctions on US citizens, including entry bans. 500 people, including myself, are on the sanctions list.”

Comedians and popular TV show hosts Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel were also on the list.

Russia did not specify the reasons for sanctions against individuals, but made it an issue of spreading hate against Russia and supporting arms to Ukraine.

This is Lee Da-hae from Channel A News.

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