‘Strongest Monsters’ Oh Joo-won is put to the test메이저사이트.

The production team of the JTBC entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’ announced that the second match between the strongest monsters and Whimungo will be held in episode 40, which will be broadcast on the afternoon of the 15th.

Previously, Oh Joo-won was scheduled to take the mound as a starting pitcher for the opening game this season, but he has been reduced to the bench because of a sudden surgery the day before the game. With his condition not fully recovered due to the aftermath of the surgery, Oh Joo-won gets a chance to stand on the mound in the second match against Whimoon High School.

Looking at the home plate, Oh Joo-won showed his will to fight, saying, “I was in good condition, but after the manager called my name, I felt bitter.” Oh Joo-won faces a crisis due to a rapid decline in physical strength due to the fierce bats of Whimungo hitters. Attention is focusing on how ‘romantic pitcher’ Oh Joo-won will overcome this crisis.

The strongest Monsters ‘nuclear’ pitcher Oh Joo-won, who has become stronger this season, will be able to put down the fire bats of batters and become the number one contributor to Hweep’s victory, or win the trust of manager Kim Seong-geun, who had fallen during the opening game.

The production team decided to add 10 minutes to the 40th episode to deliver the bloody battle with Whimungo more vividly.

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