Naver and Kakao, the two major portals in Korea메이저놀이터, announced that they would reorganize the comment service method to reduce the adverse effects of news comments such as ‘bad comments’.

According to the portal industry on the 17th, Naver News will change its comment board operation policy from the 1st of next month. The goal is to tighten restrictions on commenters who violate the rules.

Accordingly, if a user violates the Naver News operating regulations and the use of comments is restricted, the corresponding status will be exposed on the profile. In addition, additional procedures such as a separate ‘solving the quiz’ are required when the restriction period for using comments is lifted. If this is not solved, the use restriction may be further extended. This is to prevent the manipulation of comments by mobilizing various automatic programs. Specific operating regulations will be announced at a later date.

Kakao, which operates the portal ‘Daum’, is also known to change comments on its news service to a ‘group chat room’ sometime next month. This is to block attempts by some forces that have manipulated public opinion by stealing multiple accounts in the past and posting biased comments one after another.

We also plan to delete comments after 24 hours. An official from Kakao explained, “This is a measure to reduce the adverse effect of inappropriate comments continuing to exert influence.” Kakao plans to announce additional changes sooner or later.

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