“It is art.” “Fold 4 points and start!”

These are the comments from Vietnamese fans who accessed the YouTube broadcast of the 2022 High1 Resort PBA-LPBA Championship final held at High1 Resort in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do on the night of the 16th.

In the final match of the day (4 wins out of 7 matches), ‘Vietnam Express’ Mamin Calm (47∙NH Nonghyup Card) won 4-1 (7:15 15:12 15:10 15:8 15:10) against Oh Tae-jun (30). and took home the first championship trophy ever. 100 million won in prize money. Maminkam added 100,000 ranking points and jumped to 5th place.

Maminkam held a ceremony of emotion after winning the championship, and expressed affection with a heart sign to his wife who cheered on the field. At the awards ceremony, he supported his wife and expressed his gratitude by giving his wife a hug.

Vietnamese fans also reacted enthusiastically to the achievement of Mamin Calm, who won for the first time after the 19th tour challenge. The PBA side said, “Most of the comments were cheering for Maminkam,” and “’Awesome’ ‘Art’ ‘I’ll give you 4 points and start!’ Articles such as ‘The victory belongs to Maminkam’ were posted.”

Vietnam is one of the most popular regions in Asia following Korea. At PBA, Vietnamese players such as Ma Min Cam, Nguyen Phuong Linh (NH Nonghyup Card), Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (Hana Card), and Ngo Dinh Nai (SK Rent-A-Car) are making great strides in the team league.

Maminkam is the first Vietnamese player to make his name known on the PBA stage, and is active as a representative player in Vietnam.

Commentator Kim Hyun-seok said, “Vietnamese fans must have welcomed Mamin Calm’s victory. Maminkam is a very humble and sincere player. He is also highly trusted by his fellow players in Korea.” In fact, the runner-up on the day, Oh Tae-joon, hugged Maminkam and sincerely congratulated him on his victory. 메이저사이트

PBA, which received the Korean Sports Industry Award for transforming billiards into a lifestyle sport and a popular sport, also believes that Mamin Calm’s victory at the High1 Resort Championship will contribute to the expansion of the Vietnamese fan base. PBA is planning a professional billiards tour in Vietnam.

In fact, looking at the number of views on the YouTube channel over the past week when the High1 Resort Championship was held, Vietnam (285,603, 8.7%) had the highest number of views after Korea (2,127,079, 64.5%). The number of people chatting in Vietnamese during YouTube broadcasts has also increased.

A PBA official said, “Mamin Calm is a star who has many fans not only in Korea but also in Vietnam. As he opened the way to win the PBA competition, he motivated other Vietnamese players as well. He believes that Vietnamese billiards fans will be more interested in it.”