An incident in which Green punched a teammate affected the atmosphere in the Golden State locker room.

‘ESPN’ reported on the mood of the Golden State Warriors team on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time).

Golden State’s season, which 온라인카지노dreamed of winning back-to-back, has ended. Golden State showed inconsistent performance throughout the season and failed to live up to the expectations that were considered favorites for the championship. Even in the playoffs, they succeeded in advancing to the second round, but it is difficult to see it as a completely satisfactory season because the limitations were revealed.

Golden State’s season has been messy from the start. In a leaked team training video right before the opening night, Draymond Green got into a fight with Jordan Poole and was caught punching Poole in the face. Manager Steve Kerr raised awareness about this, saying, “It’s the biggest crisis since I took over as manager.”

Concerns about the team atmosphere are bound to grow. However, Poole, who showed a mature look, accepted Green’s apology and tried to finish the job as quietly as possible. Shortly after the quarrel, Poole and Golden State signed an extension contract, and prepared for the season as usual.

Coach Kerr praised Poole as “an incredibly mature young player”, and Poole said in an interview after the season, “I don’t want to talk about it too much. Having a high level of maturity is about having that level of maturity.” “It’s important. We had a season ahead of us at the time, and I had to work with my teammates in the locker room and play.”

However, according to ESPN, Golden State couldn’t run as perfectly as before. Poole spent the season noticeably quieter than before, showing little emotion and sincerity. Aside from the problems with the pool, dissatisfaction was widespread in the locker room from other young players yearning for more opportunities on veteran teams.

The problem is that trust between people in the club has been shaken. Regarding the fact that the practice video was leaked to external media, the Golden State team started an internal investigation, but the collapsed trust was not completely restored.

ESPN said, “An official from Golden State confided, ‘After that happened, people changed. For a while, everyone doubted’.” Although trust has been restored to some extent since then, it is known that there is a sense of distance between the team culture that built the Golden State dynasty and the current atmosphere.

Green played an active role as the core of the Golden State system and led the golden age. His presence on the court is great, but with his fiery personality, there are scenes that sometimes adversely affect the team. There are also not a few negative issues coming out of the locker room, such as the fact that he had a conflict with Kevin Durant in the past. 

Anyway, Golden State, a winnow system, is planning to challenge for the championship again while maintaining the trio of Green, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson. There are also active rumors about the transfer of young players Poole and Jonathan Cuminga. A clear movement of change is being detected.

One of the important factors in Golden State’s challenge for the presidency has become to strengthen the team atmosphere. Green, who is mutually positive about the extension contract with the team, also needs to make more efforts to harmonize the locker room if the retention is confirmed.

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