The Houston Rockets are quickly exploring a trade.

According to 『The Athletic』 reporter Shams Charania, Houston’s ‘Black Joker’ Kevin Porter Jr. (guard-forward, 193cm, 92kg) will not join the upcoming training camp.

Porter caused controversy again this time. Because of this, it is unclear whether he will be able to play properly in the upcoming 2023-2024 season. He has to appear in court in the middle of next month. Initially arrested, he could only be released after posting bail.

Since then, Houston has been looking into a Porter trade. There is no burden as Porter’s contract is actually one that could end next season, but he also expressed his intention to add nomination rights as he is entering the actual disposal process. Since Houston has to let go of his starting power, they are hoping to add power that can be utilized immediately by placing a draft pick on Porter.

However, it is doubtful whether there will be any club that wants Porter. Because this wasn’t just the accident. He previously caused an incident when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, which led to him being traded to Houston at a low price. Cleveland considered him to be one of the mainstays of their backcourt, but promptly released him. Afterwards, he seemed to get better in Houston, but the same thing happened again.

It may depend on the value of the draft rights that Houston can offer. There are many teams that are in the process of rebuilding, so if the value of the naming rights is commensurate, they may be able to make a deal. However, it does not seem easy for Houston to readily give up a first-round ticket. In other words, if it is a limited offer that includes multiple second-round picks or protection conditions, there is a strong possibility that even teams that are undergoing reorganization will not be willing to negotiate.안전놀이터

Also, the probability that Houston will have the power they desire may not be much. If they give up expiring contracts and nomination rights, they deserve a sense of accomplishment. However, the sense of power that can be achieved through Porter is bound to be somewhat limited. This is because a team seeking change may lack a sense of power other than promising players. Moreover, if the value of the pick is low, it is natural that it is more difficult to pursue a trade.

However, now that Houston has announced a trade attempt, it has become difficult for Porter to join the Houston camp. Houston also wants to complete the deal before camp if possible to improve the team atmosphere. But it doesn’t seem to be easy at all. Not only was time a bit tight, but Porter himself had reduced his own value considerably.

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