WeMade CEO Jang Hyeon-guk explained the suspicions related to Wemix to members of the People’s Power Coingate fact-finding team (investigation team) who visited the Pangyo office building.

The investigation team, consisting of Choi Hyeong-doo, Kim Seong-won, Yoon Chang-hyeon, and Park Hyeong-soo, visited WeMade headquarters located in Pangyo on the 19th.

Rep. Kim Seong-won, who is in charge of the investigation team, said, “Wemade has been at the center of controversy ever since it was revealed that Rep. Kim Nam-guk owned a large amount of Wemix. He explained the purpose of the visit, saying, “Before that, I intend to point out what I need to point out about the national suspicions.”

Rep. Kim Seong-won, who leads the Coingate fact-finding team, is briefing reporters.

Before the investigation team started asking questions in earnest, CEO Jang Hyun-guk gave a preliminary explanation. According to the investigation team, the key issues in this controversy are distribution, private sale (individual transaction), and airdrop. Representative Jang Hyeon-guk explained in the quarterly report posted on the Wemix website that the foundation is distributing 230 million Wemixes and that the distribution volume is being tracked.

Regarding the private sale, CEO Jang emphasized스포츠토토, “After the listing on the exchange in 2020, it was discontinued as the public sale became possible, and there is no after that.” He explains that he has never sold it to Congressman Kim Nam-guk.

Rep. Kim Nam-guk’s claim that he obtained Wemix through an airdrop was dismissed as impossible. CEO Jang said, “Airdrop is a marketing event, and it is impossible to say that a large amount has been delivered to someone through it.”

Coingate fact-finding team and Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade (left).

Rep . Chang-Hyun Yoon pointed out that there is a “conflict of interest” regarding Wemade ’s investment in Vident, the parent company of Bithumb, a virtual currency exchange . It was, but this was the time when Rep. Kim Nam-guk owned Wemix. Did you receive the report from Rep. Kim?”

Regarding this, CEO Jang Hyeon-guk said, “We decided that not only virtual currency but also the exchange itself was an industry with a future, so we invested.” Rep. Kim did not know at all and did not receive a report on the abnormal transaction. The reason for investing in Vidente was that there was a rumor about the sale of Bithumb in early 2021, and the exchange had a great future potential, so he participated in the acquisition.”

Rep. Hyung-soo Park also asked if Wemade had ever lobbied members of the National Assembly for the passage of the P2E bill. In response to this question, CEO Jang said, “ P2E is active globally, but it is far away in Korea, so I informed people that Korea’s game laws are inconsistent.” I even said cut.

Recently, Wi Jeong-hyeon, president of the Korea Game Society, etc., said that game companies such as Wemade are P2EIt raised suspicion of game-related legislative lobbying and caused a big wave in the industry. In particular, after raising these suspicions, WeMade has filed a complaint against the Korea Game Society and the president of the society, Wi Jeong-hyeon, to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for defamation by timely false information.

In a media briefing after the private meeting, Rep. Kim Seong-won said, “We talked openly with Wemade about many issues. We decided to receive data from Wemade on what efforts we made to legalize P2E in the future.”

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