Baseball is a game that requires only going to Seoul, even if you go to Moro. There are often teams that win with far fewer hits. For example, it is a game that can win 1-0 even if you hit only 1 hit and get 5 hits. Also, in matches between teams메이저사이트 with similar strength, the match is overshadowed by a battle of efficiency.

This year, professional baseball Lotte is playing the best ‘cost-effective baseball’. Both foreign pitchers have been sluggish since the opening, but they have only recently recovered. In the other line, there was an injury gap for key players such as leadoff Seongbin Hwang. Based on the detailed pitching index, it was enough to rise and fall in the middle ranks at best. As of the 16th, the team ranked 8th in ERA (4.31), 4th in team batting average (0.260), and 5th in team OPS (0.690). Defensive efficiency (DER), one of the criteria for evaluating defensive power, is 0.668, ranking ninth. However, Lotte’s team ranking is 20-11 (0.645), ranking first overall.

Lotte is bringing out the best efficiency in front of the match. The winning rate of ultra-thin games this season proves how cost-effective baseball was.

Lotte had frequent close games this season. As of the 15th, out of 31 games played, there were 20 games that ended within 3 points. Lotte recorded a win rate of 0.750 (15 wins and 5 losses) in Park Bing’s 20 games. 4 wins and 1 loss (1st place) in a match by 1 point, 7 wins and 3 losses (2nd place) in a match by 2 points. They recorded 4 wins and 1 loss (1st place) in the 3-point match. A high win rate in close games is also a typical indicator of a strong team.

It’s still early in the season. However, ‘coincidence’ or ‘luck’ does not last for more than 30 games after the opening. The place where each of these indicators points is the change of Lotte Baseball.

In the meantime, Lotte Baseball has been a pattern that collapses right away even if you ride a winning streak when you get on the mood. It was a team that won when they were strong, but showed their performance right around the time their stamina fell. This year, Lotte is not playing baseball with an atmosphere. He became stronger at the point of victory. In a game where the result is divided by 1 or 2 points or in a scene where the flow changes to 1 or 2 points, the movement has become very fast.

In the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 16th, there were several scenes where you could read the change in Lotte Baseball. There were quite a few hits, but it was a game that did not work out well on the offense side as they could not tie a knot. In the bottom of the 8th inning, when the team was leading 1-0, starting pitcher Charlie Barnes was hit by a double by lead batter Oh Seon-jin. The number of pitches Barnes threw so well was 92. If it was like before, you might have moved the bullpen after seeing the results once more. However, Lotte immediately changed the pitcher to Koo Seung-min. Koo Seung-min went off with a headshot that hit Park Jung-hyun’s helmet brim, but Kim Sang-soo, who was waiting, came up, and after two outcounts, finisher Kim Won-joong took the mound. Kim Won-joong left behind the regret of being tied by Jung Eun-won. However, the movement of the Lotte mound in the 8th inning explains the change in pitcher management this season. In the tight ice game, you are moving one beat faster, and that is showing as a result.

Lotte seized the victory with Noh Jin-hyeok’s superior two-run home run in the top of the 10th inning, which was 1-1. However, in the 10th inning of overtime, Jeon Jun-woo attempted to make 1 out and 2 base with a bunt to send in the 10th inning. The bunt operation was not successful, but the message was that anyone should prepare for a sacrifice bunt in an ultra-thin battle. It may be the fundamental driving force behind ‘cost-effective baseball’.

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