WBC disaster → abduction of minors → demand for money back from the director… KBO shouting for renewal, from players to the front desk, ‘total impasse’

 They shouted for reform, but accidents still continue. Even if all members work together for the revival of professional baseball, it will not be enough, and it will damage the dignity of the league, not only the players but also the front desk to manage and support the players, giving a great shock to baseball fans. 

The first win is… Klinsmanho lost 1-2 to Uruguay

The national soccer team led by coach Klinsman lost 1-2 to Uruguay at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The national team, which drew 2-2 with Colombia on the 24th, changed the starting list and faced Uruguay. Hwang Ui-jo replaced Cho Kyu-seong as the forward striker, and Lee Kang-in and Jo Hyun-woo also took the opportunity to