Shohei Ohtani (29), a “monster” who doubles as a pitcher in the Major League (MLB), once again put on a “strikeout show”. He reached 500 strikeouts in his MLB career by grabbing 13, a tie record for the most in a single game.

On the 4th (Korean time), Ohtani started in an away game against the St. Louis Cardinals held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and recorded 5 hits (2 homers), 1 walk, 1 walk, 13 strikeouts and 4 runs in 5 innings. It seems that 13 out of 15 out counts were treated as strikeouts. He has a top speed of 100.2 miles per hour (161.3 km) ㅋㅋㅋ벳and an average speed of 98 miles (157.7 km) per hour.

It was the second time Ohtani had 13 strikeouts in an MLB game after a game against the Kansas City Royals on June 23 last year. Ohtani increased the number of strikeouts for the season to 59, rising to first place in this category. His MLB career strikeout total was exactly 500. With this, Ohtani remains the second player in history to achieve 100 home runs and 500 strikeouts, after Babe Ruth.

However, his pitching content was not as good as usual, as he gave up two homers and had two wild pitches. Following the match against the Oakland Athletics on the 28th of last month (6 innings, 5 runs), it was regrettable that he gave up more than 4 runs in two consecutive games. He also raised his earned run average from 1.85 to 2.54 this season. wrote, “Otani has once again left a ‘superhuman’ achievement, but at the same time he has shown that he is also ‘human’.”

Ohtani hit the opening home run off Nolan Gorman from the first inning. After striking out table setters Lars Nuthba and Paul Goldschmidt on consecutive swings, he threw a sinker to left-handed hitter Gorman before hitting the middle and leading to a solo home run in the middle of the month. He continued to falter as he let out the next hitter, Nolan Arenado, on a straight walk, but

The second time was also difficult. Alec Burleson got on base on an error by second baseman, and the next batter, Dylan Carlson, hit two wild pitches at the plate and sent a runner to third base. Ohtani escaped the risk of additional runs by striking out three consecutive batters in the continued safe third base crisis.

In the meantime, the Angels took the lead again by scoring three runs in the third inning. However, Ohtani allowed a reversal by allowing 3 runs in the 4th inning. Arenado and Contreras were hit with doubles in a row, giving up one point, and after one shot, Carlson scored two runs in the middle of the comeback. The second pitch sweeper rushed to the middle and became Carlson’s prey.

Ohtani still endured until the fifth inning. He took two outs first with two strikeouts and gave Gorman a right-handed hit, but the last batter, Arenado, struck out on a swing again, filling the MLB with his 500th strikeout.

Ohtani gave the mound to Chase Silces in the 6th inning, with the team trailing 3-4, and was on the brink of defeat. However, the Angels scored 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning and eventually succeeded in reversing the victory 6-4. In the process, Ohtani also contributed as a ‘batter’.

Ohtani, who went to base with a right-handed hit in the first inning and warmed up, scored a come-from-behind RBI with a right-handed hit in the third inning, 1-1, 1 out, 1st and 3rd base. Then, in the last at-bat in the ninth inning, which turned the score 5-4, he hit a double in mid-month, then stepped on home with a timely hit by Anthony Landon to score a wedge. 5 at-bats, 3 hits, 1 RBI, 1 run. Ohtani’s season batting average went up from 0.294 to 0.307.

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