In November 2018, a series of “Kim Jong-un welcome organizations” were launched in downtown Seoul, led by pro-North Korean groups such as Daejinyeon, in anticipation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s return to Seoul. However, just 20 days earlier, a directive from North Korea to “carry out organizational projects to launch various welcome preparation organizations” was revealed to have been sent to Minjong Union officials. The names of the welcome organizations launched in November were the same or nearly the same as those ordered by North Korea. The organizations also referred to Kim Jong-un as a “great man,” just like the North Korean directive.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, which was obtained on October 24 through South Korean lawmaker Cho Soo-jin, a Minjong union official received a directive from the North’s Cultural Exchange Bureau on October 16, 2018. In the directive, the DPRK instructed, “We want you to put your main efforts into organizing the capacity of the popular transformation movement to make the social fervor of admiring the great tax collectors firmly established in the mainstream of people’s minds,” and “We want you to actively contribute to making the whole region boil with the fervor of admiration and admiration by steadily carrying out the organizing work to bring out various welcome preparation organizations.”

The directive also said, “Once the <10 Million Seoulites Welcome Committee> is formed to welcome the General Chairman to Seoul, the Business Department (A-TUC) should contribute as much as possible to organizing the 25 districts in Seoul, and the Workers’ Unification and Unification Committees should play a leading role in organizing the and , and further increase the fervor for Kim Jong Un throughout society.”

Less than a month later, on November 7, a group was formed in Jongno, Seoul, to welcome Kim Jong Un to Seoul. It was called the Baekdu Ching Song Committee. On the 26th of the same month, the actual “Welcoming Group for Great People” was launched in Seoul under the same name. On the 28th, the Seoul People’s Welcoming Committee was also formed, with only the word “10 million” missing from the organization’s name in the North Korean directive.

A member of the group holds a mini-banner in protest against the rejection of a subway advertisement welcoming Kim Jong Un in front of Sinchon Uplex in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, in 2019. /Newsis

The Baekdu Ching Song Committee organized a speech contest near the U.S. Embassy in Gwanghwamun, Jongno-gu, Seoul, on March 18. The event was titled “Kim Jong Un,” a three-letter word.

Speakers at the event said, “Kim Jong-un’s trip to Seoul was driven by a drive and boldness that is unbelievable for a leader of his youth,” “Kim Jong-un may be a brilliant strategist, a brilliant orator, or perhaps a clairvoyant,” and “Chairman Kim Jong-un’s visit to Seoul proves that the united power of our people has overwhelmed the power of the United States to maintain the division of Korea.”

Attendees chanted “Kim Jong Un” and “Moon Jae-in” at the end of the speeches.

Organizers also held an artistic performance following the speech competition. The performance included a poem called “Baekdu Ching Song. The poem had previously been featured in North Korea’s propaganda outlet, “Our Peoples Among Themselves.

The group held its inaugural event in front of the statue of King Sejong in Gwanghwamun Square on the 26th. The ‘leader’ said, “What we saw at the summit was a humble, caring, decisive, courageous and capable leader. A truly great man, regardless of his age메이저사이트.”

The Seoul People’s Welcoming Committee announced the formation of the coalition at a press conference next to the main building of the Seoul City Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul, on the morning of Sept. 29, saying, “Let’s make the streets full of welcoming people on the day of the summit.” The group introduced itself as a coalition of more than 100 organizations, including the Seoul Party of the People’s Democratic Party, the predecessor of the Progressive Party.

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