Brazilian goal scorer Cezinya (34, Daegu FC) is a “living legend” in the K-League. When I joined Daegu in 2016, which was in the K-League 2 (2nd division) at the time, I never imagined that I would stay this long. Like most foreign players, he looked set to leave the K-League as a stepping stone to the big stage.

But he’s on a completely different path. Now, ahead of his 8th season in the K-League, not only has he built his best career, but he has also blended into Korean sentiment and culture without hesitation, to the extent that he can be regarded as a ‘half Korean’. Daegu as well as K-League fans call him ‘King of Daepak (DGB Daegu Bank Park’s nickname)’ and send deep affection. 토토사이트

Sejingya’s eyes were vivid as he participated in the first winter training in Daegu, K League 1 (Part 1), which is in full swing in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do. He is the only one who overcomes the cold that he is not accustomed to and is working hard on building his body. He joined earlier than usual, but he also got enough rest. After his last season, he spent 70 days in his home country. Sejingya, whom I met at the Namhae camp on the 26th, said, “I have well-organized my body and mind. He is ready to go to work, and he is well prepared.”

The goal is clear. It is a higher position, a splendid season. “We are neither a corporate team nor a solid military force, but we have the power to bite and harass our opponents relentlessly. You have to do your best in it. I ran with the determination to post more goals and assists than the previous season. If I do well, Daegu will become stronger.”

It really was. Sejinya was steady. He scored 80 goals and 53 assists in 209 K-League games. Even last season, when he was plagued by injuries, he scored 12 goals and provided 6 assists in 29 games. It is a better record than the 2021 season (32 games, 9 goals, 7 assists).

When my body can’t follow my heart, I think of the first day I came to Korea. It is Sejingya who declared at the time of joining, “I will become a special person, not someone who passed through Daegu.” He said, “On the plane, I prayed that I wanted to become a ‘humble but best foreign player’. He got more than that. Many people think of me as a ‘recognized player in the K-League’. It’s an honor.” He smiled brightly.

Of course, there was a lot of hard work behind it. Football was not easy on the other side of the world where everything was different and unfamiliar. But I tried not to forget two things. “Desperation and hunger. I endured with the will to survive here and the determination to leave behind history and light.”

Last season was very difficult. The tight season schedule was also a burden. The opposing team’s check on the ‘player of interest’ was also extreme. My muscles were sore, and there were frequent bruises during the game. “It is not easy to recover from bruises. “I have never doubted that I can help again ‘someday in good condition’,” he said. Praise and criticism cannot shake me. I know what to do in good times and bad times,” he said.

Sejingya, who is about to start anew, also carefully draws his beautiful finish. He said, “It is still a process to become the ‘best foreign player’. In the future, he wants to be remembered as a good player who always fought for victory without giving up and tried to become a player who was hungry for success. He promised to endure until the last day to come someday.”

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