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LG is in first place in the KBO.

One player who cannot be left out of the conversation about LG’s season is Shin Min-jae.

Reporter Park Jae-woong met Shin Min-jae, who has grown from a teenage runner who was about to give up baseball to the team’s top stealer and alternative second baseman.토토사이트

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At the beginning of this season, Shin Min-jae was the centerpiece of LG’s “running baseball” program.

With his aggressive baserunning regardless of the opponent or the game situation, Shin’s jersey gets dirty every day.

[Shin Min-jae/LG]
“(My uniform) should be a little dirtier than clean because it reminds me of ‘I worked hard today.'”

Playing in crucial moments often brings as much criticism as it does praise, but Shin Min-jae doesn’t have time to get carried away.

[Shin Minjae/LG]
“I think it’s natural to be criticized if you’re not good, and if you’re a professional athlete, it’s your job and you’re paid to do it, so I can’t say I’m going to praise myself right now.”

At the end of the season, he leads the KBO with 19 stolen bases.

But he’s never been greedy for records or numbers.

In fact, until last year, he thought about quitting baseball when he was stuck in the second team with no prospects.

[Shin Min-jae/LG]
“Coach Lee Jong-beom was there, but other coaches also said, ‘Isn’t it a waste to quit?’‥ Even if I quit when I quit, I thought I would play in the first team while playing in the second team last year.”

Instead of focusing on long-term goals, Shin Min-jae has stood out this year in his ninth year as a professional.

He’s ready to quench LG’s thirst for second basemen and help the team win its first championship in 29 years.

[Shin Min-jae/LG]
“(At the beginning of the season), I was thinking about 20 stolen bases because I prepared as a pinch runner, but now I think my biggest goal is to be able to help the team with a higher success rate than the number.
I think it’s important to focus more on that, ‘How can I win more and help the team go in a good direction?”

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