Brazilian striker Malken, who was the top scorer in the K-League and transferred to Saudi Arabia’s second division club Al-Ahli, showed confidence that he can succeed on a new stage. 토토사이트

Markeng recently left Sanzhen in Wuhan and transferred to Han Al Ahly in Jeddah. The team is known to Korean fans as the club that faced Ulsan Hyundai in the AFC Champions League final in the past, and fell into the second division due to a poor performance that slumped to 15th in the 2021-2022 season. In the situation of Al-Ahli, the signing of Malkeng is like a signal flare declaring a return to the first division and, furthermore, to Saudi Arabia’s prestigious club.

Marcão showed his confidence in an interview with Brazilian media <O Globo>. After looking back on his career so far, Marceng said, “I won the K League 2 champion in Korea, and the following year I came second in the K League 1. I also won the second division championship in China, and even won the first division championship last year.” “Now I am in Saudi Arabia’s second division. I will work with a project that can grow into a big team that can win titles,” he said, expressing his determination to achieve the same success in Saudi Arabia.

“I’ve talked to my friend Talisca, who currently plays with Cristiano Ronaldo at Al Nasr. He knows how to overcome food and culture issues. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play with Ronaldo? Anyway, whoever plays in Saudi Arabia. Regardless, I want to become the best player here.”

Meanwhile, Al Ahli, to which Malken belongs, is leading the Saudi Arabian second division league with 9 wins, 7 draws and 1 loss after round 17. Looking at the current momentum, it is the most likely team to be promoted along with second place Al Faisalli. It is interesting to see if the pattern that conquered the first part after stepping on the second part in Korea and China will continue in Saudi Arabia.

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