No matter how much war there is, there is always a way. Is this how they are being punished for mocking rival legends? The San Diego Padres suffered four straight losses after winning one against their rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

San Diego suffered a 2-4 defeat in the match against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on the 14th (hereafter Korean time). The season fell into a quagmire of 4 consecutive losses and marked 19 wins and 21 losses. 

In the first inning, Juan Soto’s solo shot took the lead, but he immediately gave up the lead after getting a three-run homer from JD Martinez. In the second inning, Ha-seong Kim counterattacked by hitting a solo shot, but immediately conceded and카지노사이트 could not close the gap.

After one win against the Dodgers this year, he suffered four losses in a row, and also lost four games in a row recently. It is 1 win and 6 losses since the 5-2 victory over the Dodgers on the 6th. On this day, San Diego defeated Dodgers legend and ace Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw gave up 8 hits (2 homers), 5 walks, 7 strikeouts and 4 runs in 4⅔innings and was beaten. In particular, in the 5th inning with 2 outs and bases loaded, Kim Ha-seong gave up 1 run on an infield hit by shortstop, which had a decisive effect on the steel plate.

The problem is after that. San Diego sent a video of Kershaw shedding tears through the Petco Park billboard after the victory that day. It was meant to ridicule Kershaw. Even in the local area, there was a big voice of criticism for San Diego’s ‘crossing the line’. Still, Kershaw said, “I should have thrown well. That comes first. If we had won, San Diego couldn’t do that either.” He did not respond greatly to San Diego’s provocation.

In the end, after that day, the Dodgers suffered 1 win and 6 losses overall, and the winning rate collapsed to 50%. Even against the Dodgers, he suffered four consecutive losses after winning that day. The Losing Series has also been confirmed for the Dodgers’ three-game series this time.

San Diego is stimulating the Dodgers more and more by claiming to be a rival and provoking by positioning themselves as ‘beaten the Dodgers’ with wide investment. However, the current move of San Diego is only seen as a ‘rival appeal team’ to the Dodgers. In the Division Series last year, he defeated the Dodgers with a series record of 3 wins and 1 loss, but that was all. Their relative record in the regular season is 1 win and 4 losses this year, 5 wins and 14 losses last year, and 7 wins and 12 losses in 2021. To be called a rival, he is absolutely inferior against the Dodgers.

San Diego has promised to surpass the Dodgers this year, but it is difficult to catch up with the Dodgers. This season, the Dodgers are 25-15, and San Diego is 19-21. The ride is already 6 games apart.

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