Last May 15th. In the Golden Lion qualifiers, huge sand dunes poured in.

78 in 3 games in Mokdong and 36 in 3 토토사이트games in Shinwol poured out. There are nearly twice as many sand dunes in Mokdong where robot referees were introduced compared to Shinwol where AI was not introduced.

Above all, Gongju High School’s Deokjeok High School – 29 lanes, Jeju High School Seoul High School – 9 lanes, Yail Meditech High School’s Bucheon High School – 17 lanes, Chungam High School and Gyeongnam High School – 16 lanes. Cheonan CS from Jeonju High School – 23 sand dunes, Busan Technical High School Yarogo BC – 39 sand dunes. More than 20 shots per game.

In particular, in the match between Busan Technical High School and Yarogo BC, a total of 39 shots were made by both teams. This corresponds to a new record for the most walks in a high school baseball game.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association announced that it had adjusted the strike zone, which was pointed out in the last Shinsegae E-Mart boat ahead of this tournament. At the same time, it proposed a rule that it is a strike only when both the front of the home plate and the front of the catcher are strikes. An explanation was also added that the back judgment surface was moved toward the catcher in order to treat the falling ball as a ball. This is to correct the point made in the last tournament that a ridiculously low ball falling to the floor was judged as a strike.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association operates a robot referee that resets the strike zone. (Photo = Provided by the Korea Baseball Softball Association) * Resale and DB prohibited / Photo = Newsis

However, in this tournament, there are complaints that the balls that went into the middle are not properly judged as strikes. Each school is pointing out in real time that there is a problem with the judgment through the YouTube of the Korea Baseball Softball Association. A number of balls that actually went into the middle or that should have been judged as strikes were not declared strikes.

A school official said, “Honestly, I was very embarrassed. I was so embarrassed that I just looked at the pitcher and didn’t even think about corner work, just looked at the middle and threw it.” Another school official said, “High school baseball pitchers are still immature in control. However, if a few strikes are not declared in such a way, the pitchers will seriously collapse psychologically. So it may be that Sasagoo is appearing one after another.”

The robot referee had no problems with the last E-Mart boat. Rather, it was well received by the people involved in the field. Overall, the opinion was “it seems to be fine”. It was the position that a rather absurd ball strike judgment could be accepted enough if there was consistency. Because it’s an equal situation anyway. However, the overall response is that there is a problem with the ball being judged as a ball in the middle or a strike that should have been given as it was this time.

There are complaints that the ball entering the middle is not pointed out as a strike (Photo = YouTube capture of the Association)

It is worth paying more attention to the fact that even in matches between teams with relatively good power, there were a lot of four balls, such as 16 balls from Chungam High School and Gyeongnam Classics, and 23 balls from Jeonju High School and Cheonan CS. Although the power difference was large, Seoul High School also revealed that a number of balls that should be judged as strikes were not declared strikes.

First of all, the association is in the position that this competition is watching the trend. It is not easy to make changes in the middle of a competition. It is difficult to make a simple comparison with the previous tournament. In the last tournament, robot referees were introduced from the round of 16. It was not introduced in the preliminary round.

There is also a position that it was because it was a preliminary round with a large difference in power compared to the round of 16, where the pitcher level was relatively higher. In particular, as the strike call, which was customary in 3-ball or 2-ball, disappeared, there is also a position that the number of balls increased even more. Therefore, there is still a cautious theory that we should watch a little more.

So far, there have been many matches between teams with such a large difference in power, so there is not much room for problems yet. However, if the decisions of the robot referee continue to fluctuate in matches between teams with similar powers (especially after the round of 16), the possibility of a major repercussion cannot be ruled out. This is because the Golden Lion is directly related to players joining the pros and going to college. It is all the more so because it is also involved in the selection of national team players.

The ‘robot referee’, which was introduced for the first time in all matches from the preliminaries to the finals, emerged as the best variable in this Golden Lion.

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