Every day I imagined playing with my sisters on the KLPGA tour. Park Hyeon-kyung, who was a fan enough to go to the gallery, feels new to think of going on the first part tour with her sister.”

The final match of the KLPGA Dream Tour (Part 2) held in October last year, the King of Kings. Ma Seo-young (20) ranks 4th in this event with the most prize money of her dream tour, entering the 20th prize money list giving her the right to participate in the regular tour, and next month she will make a dramatic debut on the KLPGA tour.

She has Lee Ye-won, Hwang Yu-min, and her same-age friend Ma Seo-young, who have neither national team nor standing army experience. Lee Ye-won is a special rookie who received the rookie award last year, even without winning, as she ranked 3rd on the prize money list. Hwang Yoo-min is counted as the number one candidate for the Rookie of the Year award thanks to her performance, including a runner-up finish against Min-ji Park (25) at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship last year. Compared to this, Ma Seo-young is close to ‘unknown’ who has not received much attention, but given that his growth last year was unusual, we can expect her to play an active role.

Ma Seo-young had to watch the seed match of the Jump Tour (part 3) until April of last year. Having been active on the Jump Tour by passing the seed ranking match in third place, he passed the seed ranking match for the Dream Tour (part 2) in July, and secured a regular tour seed after nine Dream Tour tournaments. Ma Seo-young, who ranked 20th in the prize money list, the final full seed for the regular tour, achieved dramatic results by advancing to the first division tour in a year without going through a seed match.

Ma Seo-yeong is not tall at 162 cm, but she hits a driver shot 250 yards. Her secret lies in her fitness training since she was a child. She was an inline skater in her second year of elementary school, two years before Seoyoung started playing golf in earnest. She said that she showed her athletic aptitude from an early age, winning a gold medal at the Seoul City Games. Her trigger for starting her inline skating is golf. She thought basic fitness was important if she wanted to play golf. Inline skating, she says, has helped strengthen her stamina, as she does more on-ground training than actual skating. Ma Seo-young said, “I ran dozens of laps on the inline track every day and did hundreds of squats. She did it in tears, but she did it all,” she says with a grin.

He describes himself as “a player who is very serious about golf.” Ma Seo-young, who prepared herself as a player in the fourth grade of elementary school, said, “Even if I play golf, it feels like I can’t conquer it. He is a person who gets bored easily메이저놀이터, but he never gets tired of golf. Golf is the first time he has done one thing for so long,” he explained.

Although he is just over 20 years old, he has a ‘professionalism’ that says golf is his job. He said that during his school days he only played golf with no memories, but he has no regrets at all. Ma Seo-young said, “When I was a student, I usually worried a lot about the future, but I liked it better because I had a set path and I just had to work hard on what I was going to do. And I believed that I would be able to enter the regular tour unconditionally.”

The KLPGA tour is a ‘dream stage’ for Ma Seo-young. He stepped on the first part tour field for the first time at the Lotte Open through the 2021 Monday qualifiers. The experience at the time motivated Ma Seo-young even more. Ma Seo-young said, “At the time, I was really happy that I was playing in the stadium of the 1st tour, and I even became proud. He was happy, saying, “I thought I wanted to come quickly, but now that I have achieved it, I want to enjoy the game while enjoying it.”

Ma Seo-young also enjoyed the double congratulations of making his regular tour debut with Li Ju-ran of Pharma Research, the main sponsor. Pharma Research, a biopharmaceutical company, established the Rejuran Golf Team, which is composed of promising players on the KLPGA tour this year, and Seo-Young Ma is one of them. Pharma Research, which realizes ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management, began sponsoring through the Rejuran Golf Team with the motto of nurturing and discovering players rather than recognizing them. At the end of last year, when Ma Seo-young was also playing on the Dream Tour, his sponsorship contract had already been finalized. He believed in the player’s potential and potential and decided to sponsor him.

An official from Pharma Research said, “It is our philosophy to deliver a message of hope that the process is more important than the result.” Ma Seo-young expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thanks to Rejuran’s support, I was able to play comfortably on the Dream Tour, and so the results were better and I was able to go up to the regular tour.”

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