For North Korean commoners looking for cheap food, so-called ‘lion’s head red pepper rice’, which appeared in the marketplace, is gaining popularity. Lion head red pepper rice is a green pepper stuffed with seasoned greens, and the name was given because the bell pepper looks like a lion’s head. Bell peppers are called lion head peppers스포츠토토 or lion peppers in North Korea. According to Free Asia Broadcasting ( RFA

) on the 19th, a source in South Pyongan Province said on the 17th, “Lion head red pepper rice has been available in the market these days, and it is popular because it is cheap.” The source said, “If you eat just one or two pieces of lion’s head red pepper rice, your hunger will disappear and become a meal.” Like tofu sushi, tofu rice is a spoonful of rice stuffed inside thin tofu fried in oil. On the other hand, lion’s head red pepper rice is said to be about half an air of green pepper mixed with corn rice in a 1:1 ratio.

North Korean Jangmadang. yunhap news

Lion head red pepper rice is said to have been developed for the first time this spring by food vendors in North Korean marketplaces. As income decreased due to the prolonged Corona 19, it seems that the price was affordable to meet the consumption level of the common people, but food for the common people was released.

In North Korea, soybeans, the raw material of tofu, are more expensive than rice. However, it is speculated that lion head pepper, or bell pepper, was developed as a substitute for tofu because it can be grown in private gardens and is inexpensive. In particular, rice is added to tofu rice, but lion head red pepper rice uses corn and harvested vegetables, which are cheaper than rice, so the cost is low.

A source in Jeongju, North Pyongan Province said, “Lion’s head peppers are also called seasoning peppers because they taste sweet.” “he said.

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