Last year, Jin-young Lim (20), who acted as a rookie on the KLPGA tour but failed to keep the seed, won the second part of the tour, the Dream Tour, and laid the foundation for re-entry into the regular tour.

In the third round of the KLPGA Dream Tour (total prize money of 100 million won), which ended at Gunsan Country Club (par 72) in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do on the 26th, Lim Jin-young rose to the top with a total of 7 under par and 209 strokes in the final 3 rounds. His winning prize is 15 million won.

Lim Jin-young said through the KLPGA, “I have always imagined winning like this, but she seems to be happy and dreaming that she achieved it today. I am happy,” he said. In addition, he thanked his parents, main sponsor Daebang Construction, apparel sponsor Castel Bajac, swing coach Park Chang-joon, and supplies manufacturers Taylor Made and Titleist.

Regarding the secret to winning this tournament, he said, “It was difficult because the wind was blowing a lot, but even in that situation, the shot went well with a sense of stability. In particular, mid- to long-distance putts fell well throughout the third round, and I was able to achieve good results.”

Lim Jin-young, who first caught a club at the driving range where he followed his father in the 4th grade of elementary school, started playing gol메이저놀이터f for fun, but the more he played, the more he wanted to do well.

Lim Jin-young, who took the top spot in the KLPGA regular member selection match in October 2021 and was promoted to a regular member, won the KLPGA tour seed by ranking ninth in the regular tour seed ranking match in November a month later.

Lim Jin-young, who has been participating in the regular tour of his dreams, participated in 28 tournaments, missed the cut 14 times, and received prize money in only 12 tournaments, ranking 78th in the money list. Unable to secure a seed that only gave prize money up to the 60th place, he stayed at 54th in the regular tour seeding match and moved on to the Dream Tour. During winter training, he sweated hard, dreaming of returning to the regular tour.

Lim Jin-young said, “Last year, many shortcomings were revealed as I couldn’t adapt to the atmosphere or course of the competition. It’s unfortunate, but he thought it meant to gain more experience, so he decided ‘Let’s do well on the Dream Tour’ and went to the US to train for 45 days.”

He explained, “I trained evenly, including shots, approaches, and putts, and in particular, I practiced a lot so that I could attack the pin more boldly from a distance of 40 to 90 meters.”

Lim Jin-young, who dreams of returning to the regular tour, said, “It is still early in the season, but this win has eased his mind a little. I hope I can play like today in the remaining tournaments, and I will work harder to make it happen.”

He said, “It is my honest mind to return to the regular tour with a splendid return while winning the prize money prize of the Dream Tour,” but he said, “My biggest goal is to finish the season within the top 20 in the prize money rankings by consistently producing good results.”

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